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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 20 2000

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Just a quick reminder then of where we left off last week with Martin in tears in front of Gail, wailing about his affair with Rebecca: "This wasn't some cheap little affair" (oh yes, it was), "I didn't go looking for it to happen" (oh yes, you did) and so on. "Don't do this to me, Martin" whimpers Gail (bit too late for that now pet). (Have I ever used so many brackets in an update paragraph before?) Anyway, if you're expecting, as I was, Gail to pummel Martin's chest with her fists, scream at her cheating husband and throw things, just a cushion would have done, she didn't. She didn't do anything but accept his actions and told him she wants to carry on as if nothing has happened. While it's true that he didn't leave Gail for Rebecca, she assumes this means Martin still loves her and is prepared to give him time to sort himself out and see the error of his ways and all that stuff. "Rebecca's gone," she says, "and I'm still here. The choice is yours Would you like some cheese and toast while you're here?". (Honestly, that's what she said. Cries of 'choke him, choke him' were heard all around the nation, well, in my living room anyway). Things are tense in the Platt household, so say the least, and no one is happy except for Sarah Lou who has decided to call the baby Bethany Britney Asparagus Spears Platt and when she toyed with the idea of calling her Rebecca, Martin dropped the plate he was drying onto the kitchen floor.

Kevin's still in despair and in his confused state he makes a clumsy pass at Sally. She knows what pain he's going through so doesn't make anything of it, but continues to support him as best she can, much to Danny's annoyance. On the Father's Day episode in the UK, Rosie and Sophie present Kevin with a t-shirt with a picture of them both and Kevin on it. When Kevin tells Sally he's off to Germany to stay with his dad for a bit, Danny breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Poor Jim, he's really been taken in by that Gwen one. He's dead happy, so he is, about their upcoming nuptials and even buys an engagement ring. Janice guesses what's really going on with Gwen being so deep in debt and knows she's using Jim as a way out of it. Anyway, Gwen's had enough, she withdraws thirty five grand out of their joint bank account, stuffs it into her handbag and buys a one way ticket to Euston. While she's waiting for her train, she goes shopping with all that money in her bag, which gets stolen while she's faffing about the designer labels. Anyway, the stupid tart returns to Underworld, spinning a story that she's been mugged and had all of Jim's money stolen from her. Meanwhile, as she's pouring out this tale of woe to the girls at the factory, a policeman is talking to Jim telling him that his girlfriend's handbag has been found with the money in it. When Gwen returns to the house, Jim almost strangles her, and who could blame him, but instead he throws her out of the house, right into the gutter. The debt collector calls on Jim later telling him he's responsible for Gwen's outstanding debts and she'll call back at 6pm to pick up any belongings of Gwen's. Jim says he'll be ready for her - and he is. He's piled up all of the furniture Gwen had bought and sets fire to it, right in front of the debt collector and various nosey parkers who had left their drinks in the Rovers to come outside and watch the show.

Pat's nephew, Sam, starts work on the building site for the new health centre on the Street. He's a bit thick is Sam, and I was told in advance to expect him to be a bit sexy but I have to report he's something of a disappointment and definitely not my cup of tea. However, I'm sure more will be revealed (geddit?) next week.

Steve McDonald gets a court order to appear and give evidence at Jez's trial. If he goes, Jez will exact revenge, but he can't not go, can he? Natalie tells him he has to go, he has to give evidence and Jez has to be convicted of the murder of her son. That's alright for Natalie say, it's not her chestnuts in the fire.

Maria and Tyrone get cosy on the sofa in the front room of the B&B, much to the annoyance of Norris, who walks out after Monica gives him a kiss; she's after his sausage. Anyway, Maria wants to know more about Tyrone's family, but he really doesn't want to have to admit the truth so lies that his folks are dead rich and live abroad. Vera is a little surprised, to say the least, when Maria tells Vera what Tyrone has told her. And that's just about that for this week.

Glenda ;-)

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