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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Sep 12 1995

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It's little Tommy's birthday and Des takes him to McDonalds for his burger and fries and guess who he sees working in McDonalds? Steph! His wife (or is it ex-wife, can't remember). She is pregnant! At first she thinks Tommy is Des' son and they exchange pleasantries before Des leaves. Steph slips a napkin to Des which has her telephone number on it. Jack and Vera hold a birthday party for Tommy in Des' back garden, and Des sneaks in to the house to ring Stephanie and invites her over to his house. He waits in for her the following evening but she doesn't arrive. Maxine calls by to see Des and they end up going to the Rovers together for a drink, and then the episode ended when they went back to Des' house for a "coffee" and you saw them both going upstairs together.......

Jack and Vera are thinking of buying Des' house. When Mavis finds out who her next door neighbours could be, she isn't happy at all, espcially when Des tells her that Vera has been measuring the walls for stone cladding!

Don and Josie are having a hard time together. Don is set on winning back the house from Nick, convinced that Ivy didn't leave the house to him for selfish reasons only. Josie can't take any more of Don wanting to get even with Ivy when their own relationship is more important to her. Don takes Nicky to a football match and they seem to be getting on quite well until they come back to the house and argue, Nicky walks out, taking with him all of his belongings which Don had packed into a box for him.

The builders are still working at Emily's house and Percy is more than happy living with Curly, who in turn appreciates the home cooked food and company that Percy provides. Percy: "Some people round here call me an old fogey" Curly: "Yes, and some call me a young fogey so we're suited to each other". Percy decides that Curly needs a girlfriend and goes to Firman's Freezers to chat up one of the sales assistants with a view to inviting her round to Curly's house for a meal. Unfortunately the poor girl thinks that Percy is a dirty old man and reports him to Curly. The girl also makes a comment about the calendar that Curly has on his wall, it's stuck at Miss February (which is Raquel's picture) when it's now September, and she calls Racquel a bimbo. When Curly tells her that the bimbo used to be his fiancee, the girl (sorry, can't remember her name) is most upset and calls round to Curly's house later that evening to apologise to him. He takes her for a drink in the Rovers, where she tells him that she likes stargazing and is in awe when he tells her that he has a telescope in his loft.

Jim has his vasectomy.

Leo Firman asks Racquel out on a date but she turns him down, as she thinks it may be a little bit insensitive to Curly if she goes out with his boss.

As you may know, Coronation Street is now sponsored by a pet food manufacturer, Pedigree Chum. It appears that the sponsorship started this week as there was a dog in the opening credits and Betty Turpin now has a cat called Marmaduke. Betty takes Marmaduke to the vets and when she gets back to her house, she has been burgled. She calls Billy Williams who helps her and offers to stay overnight to be with her as she is still very nervous.

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