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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - July 3 1995

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Phyllis goes in to clean Des' house, and finds Vicky and Steve together in the kitchen, Vicky is in her dressing gown. Later, in the Rovers, Phyllis is just about to tell Maude Grimes this gossip, when Vicky overhears and bribes Phyllis not to tell anyone by offering her a double whisky (twice!). Well, Vicky has accepted Steve McDonald's proposal of marriage. (Is it love, or is it money?) Steve shows her an engagement ring he has bought and Vicky persuades him to give her the ring, Steve agrees as long as she promises not to wear it or to tell anyone about the engagement yet. Raquel organises a 21st birthday party in the Rovers for Andy and Steve, and as everyone raises their glasses to the twins, Vicky announces that she and Steve are engaged and shows off the ring. The look on Bet's face is great, and poor Fiona walks out on her own. Bet calls Alec, who comes back to the Street blaming Bet for not looking after Vicky properly. He wonders why Bet hadn't seen the engagement coming, but Bet puts her foot down with Alec. She tells him that she is really pleased to see him, because now it makes her realise that she is much better off on her own! Alec seems happy to be back and to see Bet, but Bet is very cool towards Alec. They are both worried about Vicky and Steve, Bet tells Alec that Steve McDonald is after Vicky's money and that's the only reason why they are engaged. Steve and Vicky decide they don't want a long engagement and arrange the wedding at the registry office for Wednesday this week. They tell Liz, who is shocked. Liz and Jim then go to the Rovers to tell Bet and Alec about the wedding and of course they are both really surprised too. However, there is no sign of Vicky and Steve, they have gone to spend a couple of nights in a hotel before the wedding. When Steve protests that he doesn't have a change of clothes, Vicky tells him they will buy some more.

Jack visits Cliff's house and finds Cliff's wife's brother there, who is very angry and upset. Seems he never liked Cliff and blames him for the death of his sister. The house is a rented house and it turns out that the rent is in arrears. Jack and Vera go to Cliff's funeral, and Jack comes back with Cliff's camel hair coat and scarf (the one that Cliff always wore when he stayed with them).

Deidre comes back from Morocco and stays with the McDonalds. She talks to Emily about Samir's funeral, how she wasn't allowed to attend (women can't) but felt very accepted and loved by his family. Emily starts to cry as she hasn't said good-bye to Samir. Deidre is now desperate to have her house sold, she tells Mike that if Ken is interested in buying it then he is to sell it to him. So, in the Rovers, Mike greets Ken at the bar and tells him that Deidre's house is his if he wants to buy it. Ken is gobsmacked. Mike Baldwin takes Deidre to an old Victorian style house he has bought which has been converted into flats, and offers one of the flats to Deidre on nominal rent if she will act as a caretaker for the building. Mike is very understanding of Deidre's situation and is very nice to her. Deidre doesn't know if she will stay around Coronation Street and she still doesn't want to see Tracey. She's now gone to her mothers and told Mike she will think about the flat.

Brian, Alf and Audrey's ex-chauffeur arranges to see Audrey privately and takes her out to lunch. He tells her he knows about the missing money from the Mayor's fund, as he has overheard people talking from the back of the limousine when he was chauffeuring. Turns out that Harry Potts (the ex-Mayor) and a lady from the finance department of the council have been conspiring to defraud the mayor's fund for some time.

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