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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 2 1996

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I have to say I've found this week's episode of the Street rather dreary what with the continuing McDonald saga and the unbelievable Maureen/Reg situation. However, it's good to see Baldwin back up to his old tricks again as head of the factory!

Maureen still hasn,t heard from Reg and is frantic with worry, convinced something has happened to him. She decides to visit him in Lowestoft, much to Maude's annoyance. Before Maureen leaves, a letter arrives from Reg which reduces Maureen to tears, she doesn,t tell Maude what the letter says and takes off to see Reg. Meanwhile, Eric Firman calls on Curly to tell him that he has received a letter from Reg giving his resignation from the company and saying he has gone away, with no explanation given. Curly is confused, he wonders what has happened... and then Eric Firman tells him that Reg has ran off with the chief wages clerk, Yvonne. Curly sets off to Lowestoft in search of Maureen, who reveals the contents of her letter to Curly - it's a mushy letter from Reg saying how hard he found it being apart from her and that he can not go on any longer with his life the way it is. Maureen is certain she will find Reg and everything will be alright but Curly can't bring himself to tell her the truth.

Baldwin is losing patience with Kevin, who hasn't given him a reply about whether or not he wants to buy the garage. Kevin goes to see the bank manager who tells him that the bank is prepared to lend Kevin the money but he must put up 10% of the funds himself (approx. £4,000 ). Kevin and Sally wonder where the money will come from. Baldwin is sure that if Rita knew of the situation, she would offer to lend Kevin and Sally the 10% needed. He persuades Alma to visit Rita to mention that Kevin needs the money. Alma goes to the Kabin and tries to bring it casually into the conversation, but she can't do it, and Mike is disappointed with her. As Baldwin's PA, Josie finds out about the sale of the garage also, and talks to Don about buying it for themselves. Don isn't keen at first but Josie talks him into it and they both get excited about it. Josie reads Baldwin's confidential letters to find out how much he wants for the garage and they are planning on re-mortgaging their houses to afford it. (I hope that Sally and Kevin do get the garage, if there is one more scene with Sally setting or clearing away the dining table, I think I'll scream!)

Jim McDonald is in court again, this time for breaking the promise to the judge last time, to stay away from Liz. He is sent to prison for 3 weeks until his court case comes up for assaulting Liz. Steve and Andy were still hopeful that their parents would end up back together again and see it as Liz,s fault that their parents will divorce. Steve and Vicky go to visit Jim, and they ask Liz if she has any message she would like to pass on, she says no. When they come back from the prison they go for a drink in the Rovers and Liz doesn't ask them about Jim at all.

Mavis and Derek are thinking of having an allotment to grow vegetables. Des says he knows the chap at the council who is in charge of allocating allotments and says he will have a word with him on their behalf. In the Kabin, Rita takes a message for Mavis from "Mr. T. Hedges who says he will meet Mavis and Derek at the allotments that afternoon". As this is April Fool's Day, Derek thinks that this is a practical joke from Des. They both meet Mr. Hedges and Derek makes an April fool of himself assuming the chap to be a hoax, when in fact, he was the genuine man from the council.

Ida Clough is set to make a permanent return to the Street! Interviews are being held for machinists at Baldwin's new factory and Ida Clough turns up. Baldwin makes her wait for over an hour until he sees her, he wants to make her squirm and beg for her job back. In the end, he does give her a job and tells her he hopes her trouble making days are behind her now (somehow, I don't think they are.....) Ida and Josie are talking in the factory when Baldwin spots them on his security camera so he calls Josie to his office over the tannoy system and she trots off immediately, much to Ida's displeasure.

Jack has organised a men-only gambling and drinking day out at Uttoxeter races this coming Bank Holiday Monday. He is taking names for the coach and asks Steve McDonald if he wants to go. Steve looks at Jack, looks at Vicky and then looks nervous and says "No, I'd better not Jack". 

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