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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Nov 7 1995

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After much nagging by Liz, Jim apologies to Mike Baldwin in the hope that Mike will offer him his job back at the garage. However, Mike decides to publicly humiliate Jim in the Rovers when he apologies and Jim tells Liz that she wanted him to grovel, and he did, but he won't ever do it again. Relationships are strained between Jim and Liz. Josie tells Maud and Maureen in the corner shop that her friend has seen a flasher and they have a good gossip about this.

Racquel's modelling agent pays a visit to the Street to see Racquel. Before he goes into the Rovers, he catches sight of Fiona, and offers her his business card, and asks her to ring him if she is interested in modelling work. Racquel tells Fiona she doesn't have what it takes to be a model, after all, she's not done any training for the job. Jack and Vera take over the Rovers and both are working hard. Vera is doing everything from scrubbing out the toilets to making the hot pot. Yes, the hot pot... Betty has walked out after Vera told her she noticed that she wasn't doing much behind the bar and asked her to take on some cleaning work. Jack has sacked Bill Webster, after Vera told Jack there is no need for a second cellar man, (although Jack was hoping for an easy life). The brewery took away the cash register so on the opening night Vera had to use her handbag as a makeshift till until something more suitable was found - a biscuit tin! After working out how much money Vera made on her hot pot, Jack decides it's not worth the effort for Vera to keep making it herself and takes up Fred the butcher's offer of buying in some cheap pies instead.

The couple who have bought Jack and Vera's house, the Mallets, were upset when Jack and Vera wanted to take their bar with them to the Rovers, as the Mallets want to keep the bar as a feature of the house.

Leo Firman has been sacked now from Firman's Freezers. He goes to the Rovers to tell Racquel what he thinks of her, and to blame her for him losing his job. At first Racquel is afraid of what he will do to her, but when he starts calling her a "walking wonderbra" and calls Curly names, she loses her temper with him and throws things at him, yelling at him that he's just like all the rest. "That's for Des, and that's for Tanya" she yells, throwing food at him until he leaves, walking out of the Rovers while Racquel throws packets of peanuts from behind the bar at him. Curly calls in to see Racquel later that evening and expects to find her upset, but the event has made her much stronger, and she's off out nightclubbing with a friend.

Vicky and Steve are having some problems with their domestic arrangements, neither of them can be bothered to tidy up their new flat so Steve hires a cleaner while Vicky is out at work.

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