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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 6 and 13 1995

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Samir and Tracey are ready for their operation. Ken is ready to take them both to hospital along with Deidre when Samir tells Deidre that he must have time to prepare for the operation, and that he wishes to walk to the hospital rather than have a lift from Ken, in order to clear his head and prepare himself. Deidre, Ken and Tracey set off for the hospital and Tracey walks into the hospital on her own, she doesn't want Ken and Deidre to go in with her. Meanwhile, Samir is walking along the canal when a group of youths try to push past him, one of them making a racist remark to him. Later that evening, Deidre is sitting by the phone in the McDonald's house, waiting for a phone call from Samir at the hospital, when 2 police officers arrive at the door looking for Mrs. Rashid. It appears that Samir is in hospital but he has tremendous head injuries consistent with those he could have suffered from a fall or an attack. The police have no evidence that he was attacked so we still don't know if it was an accident or not. Samir dies in hospital and Deidre agrees to donate his kidney to Tracey and agrees to donate some of his other vital organs to other patients. Tracey's kidney transplant operation goes well, however Deidre refuses to see Tracey in hospital, blaming Tracey for Samir's death. When Deidre does eventually go into hospital to see Tracey to tell her that Samir is dead, Tracey is asleep in her hospital bed and Deidre angrily throws a bunch of flowers onto Tracey's bed and walks out. It is left to Ken to tell Tracey that Samir is dead, and Deidre flies back to Morocco with Samir's body. When Tracey finds out about Samir, Ken tells her she mustn't blame herself for what has happend. Tracey tells him she doesn't blame herself, she blames Ken.

Denise stays overnight at Ken's flat with baby Danny, and Denise makes Fiona the new Manager of the hair salon. Fiona is overjoyed about this but when she tells Steve about her good news, he just isn't interested.

Denny the thug visits Steve McDonald in the print shop and tells him he is looking for some money from him for his boss, Frank Mottram. Steve asks Vicky to lend him £5,000 and Vicky says if it was for business then she would agree, but she has to say no if it is for his personal life. Steve then disappears, neither Vicky nor Fiona knows where he has gone although he keeps in contact with Fiona by telephone. Fiona moves Maxine into the flat while Steve is away. When Steve does come back, it appears he has been in London trying to raise some money to pay Frank Mottram. Unfortunately, he is visited in the print shop by another thug, this time armed with a baseball bat and he beats Steve up.

Alf receives a letter notifying him that he is to be awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire). Audrey is more overjoyed to be the wife of an OBE than she is that Alf has actually been awarded the OBE. Celebrations are in order at the Rovers.

Trisha is sacked from the corner shop as Maureen is now back at work. Trisha overhears that the flat above the shop is empty and she is now working on Maureen and Reg to rent the flat to her and Jamie.

Betty goes to a tea dance with Billy Williams who asks Betty to go away on holiday with him. When Betty says she is unsure about this, Billy asks her if it would make any difference if they were married. Betty doesn't know if this is a true proposal of marriage or if it is just for convenience sake so they can go on holiday together.

Alma is putting together a business proposal for the chap she and Audrey met on their day out shopping. The chap wants a catering consultant for his pub and Alma is taking the work seriously, and enlists the help of Vicky who prepares a business plan for Alma. Mike isn't taking this too seriously at all.

Vera has been sacked from Bettabuys. When she tells Jack, he is ready to fight for Vera's rights at an appeal until Vera admits she has been caught damaging cans of food so she can buy them cheap!

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