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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Aug 22 1995

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Liz discovers that she isn't pregnant after all and both she and Jim are disappointed. However, in order to stop any future false pregnancies, Jim offers to have a vasectomy. Liz receives 2 telephone calls from Steve in St. Lucia to say that he and Vicky are now Mr. And Mrs. McDonald, and that they plan to stay in the West Indies and do some travelling, perhaps visiting America. Bet feels a bit jealous that Liz has had 2 calls from Steve but she hasn't heard from Vicky, but then eventually, Vicky does call.

Des and Curly join a gym to keep fit after they see a tanned and muscled young bloke come into the Rovers, a new friend of Racquel's. They're both worn out after their work-outs and head for the Rovers to cool down with a pint. Gail visits Ivy at the retreat. Ivy tells Gail the news that Don wants a divorce, Gail didn't know this and she goes to see Josie to tell her that Josie should have told Gail before she went to see Ivy. Ivy is taking the news very badly.

Jack and Vera ask to see the accounting books from Reg's corner shop before they decide on purchasing. Reg is depending on their naivety to secure a good selling price for the corner shop but the Duckies are proving quite hard headed about the business. Alf asks Vera if she's sure that they are up to the hard work that running the corner shop involves. Vera takes offence at what Alf is saying to her, and tells him that he can't have credit any longer when he comes into the corner shop.

Jack tells Bet that he is leaving the Rovers, now that both him and Vera are thinking of buying the shop. However, Jack has second thoughts and wonders if leaving the Rovers is such a good thing after all. Jack walks into the Rovers to ask Bet for his job back (in the middle of a surprise party arranged by Racquel), Bet tells him she's sorry but she's already appointed someone in his place - Bill Webster! Jack and Vera throw a small party in their house and Jack gives Vera an engagement ring, something she has always wanted and he has always wanted to buy for her.

Reg thinks he is in line to take over Firman's Freezers when Mr. Firman retires. Both Reg and Curly are called to Mr. Firman's office only to hear Mr. Firman announce that he has given the job to his young nephew, who is now in charge of things. Jack and Vera go shopping for their party supplies at Firman's shop and Reg is called to help them pack their goods and deliver their shopping to their car.

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