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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 25 1995

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Deidre is devastated when the consultant at the hospital tells her that she is unsuitable for a match to be made with her kidney to Tracey. Shamir tries to console her but Deidre is tearful most of the time, she starts thinking about Tracey's father Ray and wonders if he would be a suitable match for Tracey's kidney but she doesn't have a recent address for Ray. Emily has an old address for him but Deidre tells her it was over 10 years since he lived at that address and believes he lives in Holland these days. Emily asks if the British Embassy could trace Ray and Deidre tells her that the hospital is sorting it all out and are looking for him. I wonder if this will signal the return of Ray Langton?

Jack and Vera decide to take their grandson Tommy on holiday with them to a caravan site in North Wales that Jack was sent to in the war as an evacuee and they make all the plans to go in a couple of weeks time.

Steve McDonald pays the cheque into the bank from Costellos and of course it bounces with unsufficient funds in the account. He goes to the nightclub and meets the official receiver there who tells him that Costellos have gone out of business and they are unlikely to see any of their money ever. Steve realises he is now overdrawn at the bank and could be bankrupt himself, unless of course Vicky lends him some more money. Fiona finds out that Vicky has been lending Steve money and is very jealous that Steve is seeing Vicky again, although Steve tells Vicky he didn't have any choice but to take the money from Vicky. Fiona asks Steve to stay away from Vicky and he says he will but that evening he is in the Rovers with Vicky, Denise sees them both sitting with Steve's hand over Vickys and he is saying the line 'lets give it one more chance eh?' does he mean the business or the relationship?

Des celebrates his 30th (!) birthday in the Rovers, Phyllis is the only one to remember and buys him a card.

Ken goes to see Denise about access to Danny but she wants definite times and dates that Ken can have access to Danny while Ken wants to be more involved in Danny's life and to be a father to him. He tells Denise he is asking her one last time before he brings the law into the matter regarding access.

M. Pico, the French Mayor speaks French and Alf of course speaks English, and quite often the two of them have trouble understanding each other and making each other understood. M. Pico is most bemused that Alf has a 'mistress' in the Rovers as well as a wife, he believes Betty to be Alf's mistress and that Betty's 'hotpot' is something quite different from a beef stew!! He also misunderstands Racquel completely when she tells him she is a model... :-) although he does send an apology to Racquel after he leaves. As Alf and M. Pico go to an official function with Betty and Racquel as their escorts, Audrey feels a bit peeved at being left home alone and so arranges for Bryan (Alf's ex chauffer) to come to the Rovers and they drink together all night while Alf is away, although Alf comes back early and Bryan is still in the Rovers with Audrey!

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