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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 4 1996

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Des and his girlfriend Claire are finding it difficult to find time to spend together for err.. intimate things, as Claire can't leave her daughter, Rebecca, overnight. So when Claire's got a spare half hour she pops into the Rovers and drags Des away from his hotpot for a snogging session back at his place. All goes well until Rebecca almost catches them in the act when she's supposed to be at Guides, it's obvious she's not best pleased with the way her mam is carrying on.

Betty walks out of the Rovers after she thinks Vera and Jack are accusing her of fiddling the books while they were on holiday in Spain. When they tell her that the Rovers has actually made a profit in their absence, they apologise to Betty and she comes back to work. Betty tells them she's not surprised the pub made more money as Vera and Jack are always dipping into the till to pay for personal expenses.

Vicky can't take any more of people feeling sorry for her and is deciding what to do with her future, far away from the Street. Alec tells Vicky of a training course for travel agents in Switzerland which she's interested in.

Norris turns up at Derek and Mavis' house with a bottle of wine declaring he wants to talk about "sex and rock and roll" and wants to get drunk. Turns out he's going through a bad patch with Angela and although she doesn't want to, Mavis lets Norris stay in their house after she finds him sleeping in his car in the Street. She tells Norris he can stay with them as long as Derek and Norris don't compare notes about Angela all of the time.

Percy thinks he's made a new friend in Joyce Smedley after she sits chatting to him in the Rovers a few times and also has lunch in Jim's cafe with him. He'll be devastated when he finds out the truth - that she's befriending him only in the hope that he'll put in a word for her in the British legion where she's after bar work and where Percy is on the committee.

The McDonald clan visit Steve in prison but he's too busy feeling sorry for himself. Jim turns up late and Steve picks an argument with him but they all end up telling each other how much they love each other. Steve asks Liz to ask Fiona to visit him. Fiona, finally, decides she will visit Steve but can't decide whether or not to tell Tony, her boyfriend, about the visit.

At Baldwin's factory, Mike takes Trisha on to work as a machinist and puts her with Ida. Ida tells Trisha she's slowed her down and accuses her of being Mike's fancy piece. Trisha says the only reason she's working there is so she can pay Baldwin his rent and eventually, Ida feels sorry for her. Jamie turns up on Trish's first day at work as it's half-term and when he asks for some lunch money, she gives him 4 stamps and tells him to give them to Roy (who's helping out in the cafe) as "they have the Queen's head on them, he'll have to accept them" as payment for his lunch. There's an excellent comic scene in the cafe between Roy and Jamie, which ends with Jamie fainting on the floor. Roy wins Alma over with his naivet after renting Jamie's hat off him for the afternoon in payment for his lunch. "This way I can find out if I like wearing a hat before I buy one" he says.

Raquel and Curly are still trying to make babies but obviously without any success as yet. In the Rovers, she says to Betty "your Billy is quite virile isn't he.... and he's got a son... what kind of underpants does he wear?" Raquel asks Fiona if she can practise her aromatherapy techniques in the hair salon, and Fiona agrees, taking a 50% cut from Raquel's profit.

Poor Andy. As if having a jailbird brother, a violent tempered father and a mother who wears skirts shorter than some of my belts, his girlfriend Ann has now dumped him. (perhaps it's his hideous new haircut?). Ann's parents don't approve of Andy, the reputation of his family goes before him and colours their judgement of him. When Ann asks if Andy can visit for tea, they say no, they don't want anything to do with him. Andy wants to visit her parents, to tell them he's different to his brother and father, but Ann doesn't want him to go anywhere near her parents. Despite this, Andy does visit her parents and seems to have won them both over. However, Ann arrives back at the house while Andy is still there. She tells him he has gone against her wishes and she doesn't want anything more to do with him. Ouch.

Josie brings Mike's messages and a fax to the cafe for Alma to pass on to Mike. As any self-respecting wife would do, Alma reads Mike's messages only to be shocked by the news in the fax. It's from Canada, from Steven, and he's coming over next week! On-cue as ever, Audrey walks in only to find out that Steven will be visiting, but he hasn't been in contact with Audrey to let her know! Audrey is furious and says "perhaps he's only informing those people with whom he's had a particular relationship!".

SPOILER from the UK Press

Steven from Canada will embark on a torrid affair with one of the Street's women but it WON'T be Alma. Who will it be? Look down here for the answer...

Deirdre! (it just might put a smile on her face)

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