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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Mar 8 1995

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I've just heard on national radio this morning that The Street is to have an update itself, with a fish and chip shop and a butcher's shop included, hot favourites to work in the fish and chip shop are Vera and Trisha with amorous Fred Elliot to work in the butcher's shop. One of the shops will have a flat above it too. It has been a quiet week otherwise on CS, not too much happening really.

Reg decides that to stay with Firmans he has to present a younger image and so spends £300 on a wig, (very unrealistic looking!), Curly makes fun of him while he's wearing it at work, and the shop girls at Firmans all giggle at him too. He won't wear it in front of Maureen though as he is too embarassed.

Alf tells Audrey the reason that things are strained between himself and Martin, and Audrey confides in Gail that she must start looking after Martin better than she has been doing.

Steve McDonald and his girlfriend move into the flat above Jim's cafe and Steve promises to turn over a new leaf financially. However, he goes the the horse races and wins £800... unfortunately for him both Shaun and Des are there too and Shaun takes the £800 off Steve immediately to pay off some of his debt with Shaun.

Rodney the relief manager in the Rovers is a big hit with everyone really, he gets on well with the staff and regulars and tells Jack that all he has ever wanted in life is a pub like the Rovers. Rodney does some of Jack's cellar work for him and Jack is afraid that Rodney will find out that in fact Jack doesn't do much at all in the cellar, and usually ends up going to sleep down there, but Rodney doesn't let on.

Curly takes Trisha out for an evening, and they go to the pictures, they seem to be getting on quite well together.

Josie stays at Don's house all day for her dinner and tea and she asks Don if she can stay for breakfast ;-) but Don gets a bit upset with her and tells her he can only take the relationship slowly, one day at a time.

So, as you can see not too much happening really. Ken and Denise haven't been in the show for a long time now. Mavis has a slight crush on Shaun when he comes into the Kabin for something, and the actress who plays Sally Webster is still in the show but because of her pregnancy which they are trying to disguise... she is only in shots with her behind a counter at the corner shop or with one of her children in front of her.

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