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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - May 23 1995

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Well, she's back!! Ken calls to see Denise at her sisters house and she invites him in for a coffee but doesn't offer any information as to when she might come back to the street, or even if she ever will. Then, last night Denise came back into the Street (without Danny) and after briefly calling into the salon to see Fiona, she headed straight to see Ken. Denise told Ken she'd been doing some thinking while she was at her sisters and she realised she had been wrong all this time. She wants to try again with Ken, to start the relationship over again and to bring Danny up in as normal a family environment as possible. In fact, she almost pleaded with Ken. Ken told Denise he'd had time to think too, and as much as he would love to be involved in baby Danny's life, he could not commit himself to Denise at this stage, only to have her change her mind about the relationship when it suited her. They argue and shout at each other and in the end Ken asks Denise to leave his flat.

Samir has further tests at the hospital to see if he is definitely suitable to donate a kidney to Tracy, and the tests come back positive. Deidre tells Samir that if he doesn't want to have the operation, then he doesn't have to, but Samir has made up his mind, and they tell Tracy. Samir, Tracy and Deidre go to the hospital together for pre- operation counselling and the doctor asks to see Samir and Tracy together only. They end up confessing to the doctor that they are both scared about the operation, and Samir even gets Tracy to smile! Deidre is pleased that Samir and Tracy are now on speaking terms with each other, and the operation is set for Friday 2nd June.

A bouquet of flowers arrive at the Rovers for Betty. Racquel jokes to Betty that they are from her new friend Billy Williams but they turn out to be from Alf, as a thank you for being his mayoress this past year.

Steve McDonald receives an order from an Irish company in Dublin. Vicky checks out the company before they do business with them and it turns out that it is a legitimate business. Fiona wants to fly to Dublin with Steve when he goes to get the order, but Vicky buys two plane tickets for herself and Steve only.

Alma and Audrey have a day trip out together to Southport where they go shopping. They pop into a pub for a drink with all of their shopping bags when two men come and sit at their table as there are no free seats left in the pub. One of them comments on Audrey's collection of shopping bags, and she tells him it's because she is a fashion buyer for a large store, and tells them that Alma is a catering consultant. They really wind the 2 blokes up and when they leave, one of them gives Alma his business card as he would like her catering expertise for one of his businesses. They both just treat the outing as a big joke but when they get back to the street, Audrey rings the number on this business card and pretends to be Alma. The chap then rings the cafe later asking for Alma and with Audrey encouraging Alma, she arranges to meet the chap on Friday for a business meeting.

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