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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 13 2000

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Hayley hastens to the hospital with balloons for the babies, unaware that little Jake Webster has died. She's informed by the nurse, then goes in to see Sarah Lou and Gail, sharing the bad news with them both and it's hugs all round. Kev's in despair and doesn't quite know what to do so the nurse tells him to go home for a change of clothes and return to spend the night with Alison. However, he's so distraught he heads straight for Sally's house and completely breaks down. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, it's the middle of the night and Alison gets up and out of bed to visit Sarah Lou and her crying baby. Britney won't stop crying and Sarah Lou is at her wits end, she doesn't know what to do with her, but Alison does. She cuddles the baby and as Sarah Lou falls asleep, Alison takes the baby in her arms and calmly walks of the hospital with her, not realising that she's been captured on the security camera. By the time Kevin returns to the hospital the next morning, Alison is sitting on the red rec, spotted by Tyrone who's out walking Monica. Alison is unaware of what she's doing, and Tyrone is unaware of what's going on, he assumes the baby is little Jake, not Sarah Lou's new daughter. There's a full scale hunt going back on in Weatherfield, with radio bulletins alerting the public to look out for Alison and the baby. Hospital security are alerted and there's some wonderful dialogue, really classic Corrie stuff, when they want to talk to Mr. Webster. "Kevin... me name's Kevin", he sniffles through this tears, wanting them to address him informally, he needs that comfort, any comfort, from anyone. And then the same security man tries to cut through Martin's anger and distress over the missing baby by using his first name: "Don't you Martin me! It's Nurse Platt to you!". Anyway, it's Tyrone who tells Kev where Alison is with the baby and the police eventually find them both, safe, on the high street looking at toys through a shop window. With Tyrone looking on from the sidelines with the police, Kevin approaches Alison to talk to her. She knows she's done wrong, she knows, but all she ever wanted was a baby and all she ever wanted to be was a mum. Kevin coaxes her into handing the baby back to him, and eventually she does. Then, she turns and runs into the road and throws herself under the wheels of a lorry. Poor, poor Kevin. Having lost his child, he's now lost his wife and it's too much for him to bear. Michael Le Vel puts in a fantastic performance as the distraught Kevin, and my eyes pricked with tears almost every time he came on screen. Supported by Sally, "What are ex-wives for?" she says, she gets his shopping in for him, feeds him brandy and sympathy, and helps organise the funeral. Kev just about manages to get through the double burial but breaks down in tears once more after everyone leaves the flat afterwards.

So events on the Street this week have been somewhat overshadowed by the powerful storyline above, yet elsewhere on the Street....

Mark and Linda take advantage of their time together while Mike's abroad at this sale conference and the pair of them go out clubbing - to the same club as Geena and Bobbi. When Geena spots them, Linda asks her to keep quiet but Geena just says: "It's none of my business, right". She's more concerned that Mark is supposed to be going with Leanne, a friend of hers, and has a wistful look on her face the next day when Leanne tells her that Mark has finally finished their relationship.

With Martin's time taken up by the new baby and family events, Rebecca is starting to feel left out of things. She decides she's had enough and goes round to see Martin at home - only to find Sarah Lou and the baby there with Gail rattling on about how supportive Martin has been, how wonderful Martin is, how happy she is that she has Martin for a husband, all that sort of stuff. It's too much for Rebecca and she books herself on a plane to Dubai and out of Martin's life. When Martin finds out what's going on, he races out of the hospital, misses the funeral for Alison and Jake, and gets to the airport in time to catch Rebecca at the check in desk for her flight (in a shot which included people with tea-towels on their heads, in case we needed reminding what Arabs were supposed to look like). Despite talking and crying into their airport cappuccino, Rebecca is determined to leave and off she goes. Auf wiedersehen, pet. Martin, wrecked and distraught is in tears and is pathetic and selfish enough to go back to Gail, crying "She's left me. Rebecca, she's gone". A great scene with shots of Martin crying over losing his heaving Geordie bosom - ironically contrasted with Kevin in tears in the baby's bedroom; real tears for real pain.

Jim gets his loan from the bank and tells Gwen he's now got about thirty foive thoisand poinds in the bank, so he has. And he's also got a joint bank account, so she has. And Gwen's taken a thousand pounds out of it already after she gets another visit from the debt collector - at work this time, in front of everyone. Poor Jim, when he finds out Gwen's taken some of his money, he tells her he wants her to leave. How can he trust someone who takes his money without telling him? Gwen manipulates the situation, telling him that she'd taken the money to pay for their honeymoon as she was hoping they'd soon get wed - and wouldn't you know it, Jim me laddo thinks this is a wonderful idea and before you know it, Vera's spread the word round the Rovers that Jim and Gwen are getting engaged. Jim hugs Gwen close, while the camera pans to her as she pulls that look on her face, you know the one, the look you always hope someone is never pulling when they're given a hug by you.

And that's just about that for this week.
Glenda ;-)

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