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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Feb 13 1996

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The devil woman from hell has returned! (No, not Ivy Brennan, that was last week). This week - not content with ruining poor Ken's life, wrecking her sister's marriage, leaving Fiona alone to manage the hair salon, and abandoning her baby, Denise has the affrontery to come back to the Street. She worries whether Ken's house will be empty, but as Ken should be teaching, and Danny should be at Sally's house she thinks the coast will be clear for her to nip in and take her clothes before anyone sees her. She gets quite a surprise then to find Ken and Danny there, along with a new childminder, Kelly, that Ken has employed. Ken is furious! Denise starts crying when she sees Danny, sobbing "I've come back for a few of my things.... " but you know her eyes are on little Danny.

Josie is cleaning the downstairs front window of her house and sees Sarah-Lou waving at her, so she waves back. Josie thinks it strange that Sarah-Lou is gazing at the upstairs window instead of directly at her....until Sarah-Lou starts telling everyone she saw granny Ivy waving at her from the upstairs window. Gail and Martin tell Sarah that ghosts don't exist and not to mention it again. However, Vera tells Sarah if she sees Ivy again she is to tell no one but her. Gail gives Vera a telling off for frightening Sarah Lou. Maude jokes about performing an exorcism in the house. Alma goes to a business meeting with Steven in his hotel room and is disappointed when he's not there, but meets with his female colleague instead. Steven arrives later and they both have a drink in the Rovers with Alf and Audrey. Audrey insists that the whole family be present at her house for a family photograph as a momento of Steven's visit. They are all posing for the camera when Alma turns up at the door, asking for a business appointment with Steven. They go off together to the Wheatsheaf pub once more as the menu has changed and Alma wants Steven to sample her delights.... (mind you, he *is* the best looking bloke that's ever been on the Street). Steven is in the garment business and has come to England to seek out a manufacturing base for his line of sportswear. Mike Baldwin meets with Steven and tells him that although he's been out of the rag trade for a few years, he's keen to get started again. Steven asks Mike to put some figures down on paper for him to look at. But, Mike has competition for Steven's business from none other than Steve McDonald! Ida Clough made a reappearance this week also and Vera tells her all about seeing the ghost of their mate Ivy.

Fiona's boyfriend thinks she is treating him like Steve McDonald as she won't trust him and they argue. Fiona goes home to bed and has a good cry, and then Maxine returns from the Rovers and comforts her friend. Fiona agrees to take Maxine back on in the salon after they make up and Maxine apologises. Later, Fiona and her boyfriend make up. Remember John, the hairdresser? Well, he's back too with bad news for Fiona. Denise has sold the hair salon to John. John tells Fiona that as his wife will be working at the salon with him, they won't be able to afford to keep Fiona on their staff full-time.

Liz and Diedre go on a girls night out to a new pub called the Hourglass, where they run into Tricia with a bloke who is out with his friends on a stag night. Liz and Diedre have a few dances with these blokes. Unbeknown to Liz, Jim has followed her to make sure she isn't with Des. Liz obviously enjoyed herself at the Hourglass, so much so that she goes for an interview as Manager the next day. Jim follows her again and is enraged when she's not there, and the bar staff know nothing about any interviews. Jim is ready to face Liz for an argument when she arrives home but she tells him that the interviews were held at another pub.

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