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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Sep 19 1995

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Steph does eventually visit Des in his house and lets him know that she and the father of her baby are no longer together. A few days later he calls her at McDonalds where she works to be told that she has gone home as she felt unwell, so Des goes to visit her at her bedsit which is in a real state, it's a mess. Des offers to take her in his car to look at some other, more suitable places to bring up her baby. Maxine still thinks Des fancies her but he is doing his best to rid himself of her attention. Des accepts Vera and Jack's offer on his house and introduces Mavis and Derek to their new neighbours!

The builders have finished at Emily's house and Percy wonders why Emily hasn't asked him to move back in, he thinks perhaps she doesn't want him to move back. In fact, Emily is secretly having Percy's room redecorated before he moves back in as a surprise to him.

Betty has a burglar alarm system installed in her house and Billy Williams offers once more, to marry Betty but she says no again. He asks Betty if he can move in to the house with her but she says she would rather be on her own.

More heated arguments continue over whether or not Nicky should receive Ivy's house. Gail decides that she wants Nicky to change his name to Tilsley as she wants him to have the house. Martin isn't bothered. Don and Gail argue a lot and Nicky is caught in between it all. Don storms out of Gail's house finally shouting "you'll get that house over my dead body".

Racquel agrees to go on a date with Leo Firman, he cancels at the last minute and then asks her to rearrange a time, (which he can't make).

Norris is now Derek's boss at the stationery firm. Norris comes around to Mavis and Derek's house and comments on the "little things in the garden which make all the difference" only adding fuel to the fire that the little thing he mentioned was Arthur the Gnome. Derek now thinks that Norris and Angela are prime suspects.

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