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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - May 16 1995

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On the night of the VE Day celebrations, two old soldiers drink in the Rovers, just as they had done 50 years earlier on the night that the war ended. One of them, Billy Williams remembers Betty from 1945, they celebrated the end of the war together. Billy and Betty become friends again and he takes her to a tea dance one afternoon and confesses that he thought about her often over the years and that he wrote to her often too. Betty tells him that she wrote to him but neither of them received each others letters because of the war, and Billy tells Betty that in one of his letters he had asked her to marry him!

Derek and Mavis receive a postcard from a topless beach in Eastbourne, which has been signed by the missing gnome. Mavis suspects that Des Barnes has stolen the gnome and that he intends to make a fool of her and Derek.

Samir confides in Jim McDonald that he is scared about donating his kidney to Tracey. Jim tells him that it has to be his own decision. Tracey is feeling very sorry for herself and argues with Ken who tells her not to be so selfish. She goes to borrow some money from Deidre so she can have a drink in the Rovers with her friend and Samir expresses concern that she shouldn't be drinking so she argues with Samir and then Deidre and walks out shouting at them both.

Denise rings Fiona in the salon and gives her the telephone number and address of her sister's house where she is staying. Fiona tells Ken she knows where Denise is, Deidre advises Ken to get in touch with Denise regarding Danny or it could look like Ken isn't concerned about the baby.

Mike Baldwin gives Trisha 2 months notice to leave the house and of course she is most upset about this and complains to Racquel and Betty in the Rovers, who have little sympathy for her.

Gail and Martin's relationship is getting back to normal now after they enjoyed themselves on their caravan holiday. Nicky has a girlfriend now... he takes her to Don's house when they should both be at school and they are just getting to grips with each other on the sofa when Josie walks in on them. Don says he won't tell Gail and Martin about it as long as it doesn't happen again.

Alf and Betty are getting ready to hang up the Mayoral chain as their year of command ends this week.

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