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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 25 1996

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He's only been back 5 minutes and he's causing problems every where he goes. Who else but Terry Duckworth? Vera, still overjoyed to be playing granny with little Tommy, gets upset when Terry tells her it's time he was moving on again back to Sheffield. Terry wants to stay, Vera wants him to stay but Jack takes some convincing. Finally, an exhausted Jack gives in to Vera's nagging and pleading and lets Terry stay on at the Rovers. Vera loves settling back into her motherly role and won't hear anything bad against her lad, she even sides with Terry when he convinces her that Raquel is an unreliable barmaid and should be sacked. When Terry makes remarks about Raquel in the Rovers, Curly and Raquel walk out in disgust, Raquel tells Vera that the Rovers hasn't been the same since the Duckworths took it over and she's glad to be leaving. Terry wants Raquel's job for himself, but instead of helping out in the bar when Raquel quits, he goes round to see Trisha (he tells Vera he's gone out with the lads for a drink).

Terry & Trisha - the terrible two. For the first time since Trisha joined the show, I feel sorry for her. She has fallen head over heels in love with Terry, and thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread but you just know it's going to end in tears. Terry tells her he'll take her out for dinner and she gets all dolled up (she even asks Liz McDonald if she can borrow one of her lycra string outfits). When Terry arrives at Trish's flat, he tells her he wants to stay in and get a take-away meal instead and then spends all night moaning about Vera while Trish massages his weary shoulders.

There's trouble at t'factory again. Mike is like a bear with a sore head after Alma tells him to "drop dead". He roars into the factory, shouting and snapping at the women. One woman in particular gets a right earful - Josie. Josie comments on the fact that the machinists are working too hard, they're going over their quota per hour of garments they should be making for Kbec. Turns out that Mike has been manufacturing some on the side so he can sell Kbec their goods and have some left for him to sell himself - a right fiddle! When Josie complains on behalf of the girls, Mike pulls her into his office. He tells her to mind her own business and not to interfere in what he's up to. They argue for ages (great stuff, this!) and it ends up with the truth about the garage coming out. When Josie read the letter on Mike's desk saying the garage had been valued at £50,000, Josie thought she was getting a bargain when Mike sold the garage to her and Don for £43,000. The letter was a fake. Josie resigns and huffs and pants all the way home to Don and another argument. Not even baking a fruit cake for him can put Don in a better mood, he blames Josie for getting him deep in debt and forcing him into buying the garage when he didn't want to. Josie ends up walking out on Don, screaming "I never thought I would feel sorry for Ivy!". Oh, and Alma and Mike make up after all of this - it is their wedding anniversary after all! More bad news for Mike comes when Steven does his rounds at the factory, inspecting the work done so far. He's appalled at the work he sees and refuses to take the order. He extends his deadline a few more days and Mike has to sub-contract all of the work out, so he makes less money but keeps Kbec happy. When Alma finds out that Steven has refused the order she's convinced it's because she made a fool of herself with Steven and that he's punishing Mike because of this. So, she meets Steven and asks him straight out if this is the case - he denies it.
Alf finds out from the Council that they are naming a public building after him, in his honour. Audrey is delighted, she can't wait to find out what the building is - a hospital? a library? She's embarrassed when she finds out it's a sheltered housing project for the elderly but this doesn't stop her blurting it out all over the Rovers even though Alf has told her not to say anything until the official press release is printed.

Liz asks Fiona if she will be visiting Steve in prison next week on his birthday. When Fiona tells Liz she won't be going to visit her son, Liz goes all moody with Fiona, who takes her bad mood out on Raquel in the Rovers and trashes her over the advertising poster she's made for her aromatherapy sessions. What is it with this week, everyone has been shouting at everyone else... except for Trish and Terry who haven't come up for air yet.....

Judy Mallett's secret looks set to be exposed - she's addicted to catalogues and the pusher is her mother. Gary's been finding stuff all over the house that Judy has been buying from her mum's catalogue and he's not best pleased.

Ken and Deirdre have a quiet drink in the Rovers together, but this isn't half as entertaining as when Deidre is playing monopoly with little Jamie while Trisha is out boozing. Jamie asks Deirdre for advice on what girls look for in boys "Oh, kindness" she says "and a bit of respect, that sort of thing". Jamie thinks about this for a bit and then says "that's not what I've heard!". 

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