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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Oct 31 1995

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Well, it was a race to contracts to purchase the Rovers, a race between Jim and Liz McDonald and Jack and Vera Duckworth. Jim had taken Mike Baldwin out as a chauffer when Liz got the phone call from the brewery to say if they got there in time, with the cash, they would be able to have the Rovers. Liz rang Jim immediately, he was waiting outside of a building for Mike and a colleague but he took off in Mike's car straight away. Meanwhile, Jack and Vera had the same telephone call, and by the time Jim drove back it was too late, Jack and Vera had alrady signed the contract and are now the official new owners of the Rovers Return.

More misery for Jim came when Mike Baldwin sacked him, and now Jim has taken to drinking to console himself, Liz is distraught. Jack and Vera have a definete buyer for their house, Mr. And Mrs. Mallett, so we should be seeing some new faces on the street soon. In the Rovers, the staff are confused as to whether they will be able to keep their jobs under the new managers and Racquel asks as spokesperson to Vera. Jack and Vera are playing their parts very well, and they make you feel very happy for them to have the Rovers. However, Jack is contemplating having strippers in the bar, and Vera is thinking about holding Bingo nights! Betty and Billy are back from their honeymoon and Betty is more than surprised to see who her new bosses are.

Reg calls Mr. Firman to put forward the claims about his nephew Leo sexually harrasing the girls in Firman's Freezers (and also Racquel - Curly defends her admirably). Mr. Firman tells Reg and Curly that this has happened before and moves Leo to a different store.

Deidre is still upset after the open verdict recorded on Samir's death and visits one of the witnesses to see if he knows more than he has told the court, but he tells Deidre that he has told her all he knows.

The Nick/Don/Ivy's house affair is still with the solicitors, and Don is feeling increasingly isolated from his grandchildren as a result of this matter.

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