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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Aug 1 1995

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Deidre has started to have some problems with one of the other tenants in the block of flats where she now lives. Ray Cropper really is becoming a nuisance, and he pesters Deidre one night to come into her flat for a drink, so in desperation she calls Mike Baldwin at home, he's in bed with Alma but he comes to Deidre's aid. Mr. Cropper gets the wrong idea and thinks that Mike and Deidre are having an affair, something which he tells Trisha, who tells Audrey who tells Denise who tells Ken (phew!). Alma is starting to feel a little left out of things with Mike looking after Deidre these days, and so she takes another catering job.

Ken and Denise move into No. 1 and Emily is trying very hard to be friends with Denise, but the two personalities just don't match very well. Emily is concerned that she hears the baby crying for hours on end, and Denise takes this as a criticism.

Maxine has moved into the flat with Fiona, this is quite funny. Nicky is helping out in the cafe downstairs, and has a crush on the girls upstairs.

Derek receives a postcard from Arthur the gnome from Zeebrugge saying that Arthur will come for the other gnome Guinevere on Friday night. So, Derek camps out in the kitchen in his sleeping bag, torch in hand, ready for the intruder when they come to take Guinevere. Derek sees a light in the garden, but it's only Percy who's on gnome patrol also. Later, Mavis sees something move in the garden and Derek and Mavis rush out to find that a miniature rose plant has been left for Guinevere along with a comic poem.

Kevin Webster's dad returns from living in Germany for 10 years (it's still the same actor!), his wife (Percy's niece) has left him for a German bloke. What will Sally say when she gets back?

In a desperate attempt to rid Vicky of Steve McDonald, Alec tells Steve that Vicky's inheritance is invalid if she marries someone before she is 25. Steve's looks crestfallen when he hears this news, Alec now knows for sure that Steve is only after Vicky's money. Steve tells Vicky this, Vicky calls her uncle who tells her such a clause does not exist and this makes her even more determined to marry Steve to spite her grandad. Then, Alec offers Steve 5,000 pounds to get out of Vicky's life, Steve says he'll do it for no less than 8,000 (the rat!). Alec says 5,000 only, and gives Steve the condition that he takes the cheque from Alec in front of Vicky after he tells Vicky he only wanted to marry her for her money.

Don is going to ask Ivy for a divorce so he can be closer to Josie.

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