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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - April 11 1995

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Tracey is now recovering in hospital but the nurse gives Ken and Deidre serious news, Tracey has kidney damage and will have to go on dialysis until such time that a kidney donor can be found for her. Ken and Deidre decide they will tell Tracey this news themselves rather than her hear it from a nurse in the hospital. When they do tell her, Tracey yells at them at first then starts crying, saying 'why me?, everyone does what I do, why me?'. Shamir is now in England with Deidre and they are staying at Ken's flat together, Shamir is doing his best to support Deidre but seems to be failing really, Deidre's only concern is Tracey although Shamir tells her that his uncle is waiting for their decision on buying a bar in Morrocco and can't hold out much longer for them to return there. Deidre decides that she will stay in England to be with Tracey for a while longer and that she is thinking of donating one of her own kidneys to Tracey.

Josie and Don get free tickets to see the Wizard of Oz at a local theatre and take Jack and Vera with them, against Jack's will, but when they all come back, Jack is singing songs from the show in the Rovers, and Josie gets to stay with Don overnight....

Fiona qualifies as a hairdresser from being a trainee and is now qualified to style hair in the salon. One of her first customers is Gail who she tries to please, but Gail doesn't seem too impressed with her haircut (which looks exactly the same as it did previously!).

Rodney is thinking about buying the Merc. from Mike (Mike knows it was stolen, and has the registration from an old Allegro). Rodney is very keen on the car and so he checks out the registration, finds out it has been stolen and tells Mike he is honour bound to inform his old friends at the police station!

Gail and Martin continue to have problems, Gail doesn't take the anti depressants after all and tries to pull herself out of her depression, they hardly speak to one another in the house and speak only to the children.

Alf is arranging a visit for a French Mayor who is coming over to Weatherfield in the next few episodes.

Mavis and Derek are now into gardening, and Derek has big plans for their garden now that he knows of a new garden centre nearby.

A 'For Sale' sign goes up at Deidre's old house but Tricia takes it down again, and tells Mike she is going to get advice about staying in the house as a sitting tenant.

Vicky asks Steve McDonald for input into his business as she is now an 'investor' but he tells her to keep away from the business before anyone finds out that she has lent him money, he threatens to tell Bet if she keeps pestering him.

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