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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 4 1995

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Ken asks Denise if he can stay with her at her flat while Deidre lives in his flat and Shamir is coming over to stay with Deidre too. Denise tells Ken no, she doesn't want him to stay there. They have a huge argument with Ken telling Denise that it's obvious she doesn't want him in her life, and that she doesn't want him around the baby either. He tells her that he is going to consult a solicitor regarding custody of Danny. Ken also finds out that Denise and John had been out together and of course this just upsets him even more. The solicitor tells Ken that although he has no automatic rights to the child as the birth father, if the case went to course, Denise could be made to give access to Danny to Ken but advises Ken to talk to Denise about it first before going to court.

Tracey Barlow comes out of her coma with Deidre at her bedside although she is still in hospital (being looked after by the nurse that had the affair with Martin). Deidre asks Tracey if it's the first time she has taken drugs or if its a regular thing, and Tracey tells her it's neither of those things, and that she doesn't intend to stop taking drugs when she gets out of the hospital even though it almost killed her. Bet finds out that Ken has no-where to stay while Deidre and Shamir live in his flat, and offers him a spare room at the Rovers which he accepts.

Now that Deidre is back, she asks Mike if he has made any progress with selling her house for her. He tells her he has put a tenant in the house, because he's having trouble selling it and she wants Mike to have it sold as soon as possible, she can't believe that there isn't even a For Sale sign in the house.

Martin tells Gail she is depressed and advises her to go to the doctor. She is incensed about this and tells Alma what Martin advised her to do, but Alma agrees that she should see the doctor, and he gives her anti-depressants.

Vicky is feeling jealous whenever she sees Steve McDonald and Fiona together, and finds out from Steve that he needs an investor for his t-shirt job for a nightclub, so she writes him a cheque for £2500 (oh no!) on the basis that she receives weekly updates of her investment and wants to know exactly what is going on in the business. Of course, he doesn't give her a receipt or even any kind of agreement for the money.

Rodney is still hanging around Bet in the Rovers and asks Racquel if there is anyone in Bet's life at present, Bet isn't too keen at all on Rodney and is doing her best to try to ignore him in the pub.

At Firmans Freezers, Reg and Curly meet with one of the American managers who have come to meet the staff before they decided whether to buy out the company. The American manager also wears a wig and is very sensitive about this subject, and Curly knows this but doesn't tell Reg, who goes in to his interview thinking that the American and he both have a special something in common and tries to play on this, it's quite funny. Reg on the other hand tells Curly not to wear his glasses for the interview as it makes him look less vulnerable but of course Curly can't see properly!

So, will Ken press for custody? I guess we'll have to wait until next week!

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