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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Mar 5 1996

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Bejaysus! The big Oirish man has railly gone too far noy.

Liz and Jim go to an army reunion night, they take Andy's car and Jim has too much to drink. At the reunion, they meet with Jim's best pal from his army days and innuendo flies when he makes comments about Liz. On the way back home in the car, with Liz driving, Jim loses his temper once more, demanding to know what happened between Liz and his pal in the past. Liz admits they had a brief fling, and this is more than Jim can take. Liz stops the car and they argue, and then Jim gets out of the car, walks around to the driver's side and pulls Liz out of the car, calls her names that a man shouldn't call his wife and thumps her!! He then drives off in the car, leaving Liz on the ground crying. When Jim gets back home he finds Andy and Ann there, they had gone to the house for some peace and quiet while everyone was out, after Racquel had tried her match making skills on them both. He tells Andy what has happened but shows no remorse, believing that Liz deserved what he did to her. Andy rings Steve and Vicky, then Andy and Ann go off in search of Liz. Meanwhile, Liz takes a taxi to Deidre's flat. When she arrives, she explains to the taxi driver that she hasn't got any money and it's obvious that she's in a real state but the taxi driver won't listen. Ray Cropper is just entering his flat as the taxi pulls up, and pays the fare for Liz. What a hero. (Look for a nice touch when he pulls his key out of his bag... it's attached to his bag with a piece of elastic).

As this is the middle of the night, what's Ray Cropper doing coming in at such a late hour? Determined to find out whether there really is a ghost in the Rovers, Ray stays behind, hiding in the cellar after closing time. Jack and Vera are woken by strange noises and are sure they have a burglar and are quite relieved to find it's only Ray, who explains what he's been doing. "Are you a medium?" asks Vera. "No, I'm a 42" replies Ray.

The next day Bill Webster sees Liz in Deidre's flat. Liz has made her black eye look much worse by painting it with make-up and is determined that everyone should know what Jim has done to her. Jim comes around to see Bill, and Bill lets Jim know where Liz is, but he isn't interested in seeing her and walks out of the building. Andy and Steve take Deidre to Jim's house and they take Liz's clothes back to Deidre's flat. Liz goes into the Rovers with her bruises on show and Des wonders if the fight was because of him. "Don't worry" she says "your name wasn't mentioned". When she arrives for work the next day, Jim is waiting for her, he apologises and tells her he's sorry, that he'll never do it again. What will Liz's reaction be to that? Tune in next week!

Ken's childminder Kelly is visited by 2 of her friends, who are also ex-pupils of Ken's. She shouldn't really let them into his house but she does anyway and of course Ken walks in and finds them there. Kelly apologises, expecting to be sacked but Ken keeps her on.

Josie and Don apologise to Vera for upsetting her with the fake exorcism.

The new cleaner at the Rovers is very thorough. Vera makes elevenses, brings it into the back room on a tray with china cups and still using her best posh voice, takes tea with her staff. Vera still doesn't know that Mrs. Smedly is Judy Mallet's mother.

Alma prepares a candle-lit meal for Mike, she wants more sparkle in their marriage but Mike thinks things are ok as they are. Mike drags Alma out looking around possible sites for his new factory. Alma is less than enthusiastic about his new venture until Emily asks her "would you rather he did all this without involving you?".

With an eye on his bank balance, Fiona's brother Lee wants Fiona to rent out the flat above the hair salon. Fiona is against this, she doesn't want a tenant having access to her salon but after Lee persuades her that it makes financial sense, Fiona decides to move in there herself. She breaks the news to Maxine, who will be left on her own in the flat above Jim's Cafe. Maxine can't afford the rent on her own and wonders what she will do.

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