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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Feb 7 1995

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Well, Audrey has really gone and done it this time! Alf still refuses to take her to the Lord Lieutenant's luncheon where the Royal person will attend. So Audrey decides to bring to Alf's attention the fact that she can get her own way and embarrasses him into the bargain. Alf and Betty are due to open a new sports centre, Audrey enlists the help of butcher Fred Eliott and they change the time of Alf's visit to 1/2 hour earlier than planned, Audrey rings the sports centre to tell them the Mayor can't make it but the Mayoress will attend in his place. So Audrey and Fred make it to the sports centre and get all of the attention that should have gone to Alf, Audrey even steals Alf's speech and reads it out. Unfortunately for Audrey, Alf and Betty arrive just as Audrey is finishing her speech and Alf is furious. When they get home, they argue and Alf tells her she is not officially the Mayoress any longer and has embarrassed him no end. Audrey simply states that if he doesn't reinstate her as the official Mayoress, she will continue to embarrass him in public and to bring his good name down. Fred Eliot, the butcher, is acting as chauffer to Audrey and thinks he's on to a good thing with her but Audrey is just simply using him as her transport.

Vicky comes back to the Rovers, and tells Bet she has left school. Bet is furious that she won't be going back for her exams and Vicky's attitude is that she doesn't need to pass her exams as she has the money now, and wants to invest it in a business, with horses and stables. Bet marches Vicky to see her headmistresses at school who agrees with Vicky, there isn't much point in her taking her exams as she wouldn't do very well in them anyway. Bet is gob-smacked as she expected Vicky to carry on to University and has been told that Vicky isn't actually clever enough to do this.

Steve MacDonald doesn't gamble any longer in the betting shop that Liz works in, he's taking to gambling elsewhere although Liz thinks he's given up for good. Des and Shaun are concerned over not seeing Steve in the bookies as he has a huge debt to clear up.

Mavis and Derek are still fighting over a compensation claim from Norris - who obviously thinks they've got a good case but is doing his best to dissaude them from taking it to court.

Trish Armstrong starts work in the Rovers as a cleaner, she isn't making many new friends in the Street so far. Racquel finds out that she used to go out with Curly and isn't too pleased about it. Curly is keeping Trish at arms length when she called around to see him, he pretended he was just on his way out.

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