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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 18 1995

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Deidre visits the consultant at the hospital and tells him she wants to donate her kidney to Tracey. He tells her that just because she is Tracey's mother is no guarantee that the kidney will match, and even if it does, they would only consider using her as a donor if they can't find a suitable one which has been donated from other sources. There are risks to such an operation also, but Deidre can only think about helping Tracey. Shamir is trying his best to support and comfort Deidre but they seem to be pulling apart somehow. The hospital have told Deidre and Ken that Tracey will need as stable a home environment as possible when she is released from hospital and Deidre is now desperate to get Tricia out of her old house so she can move back in for a few months. Tricia however, seems set on staying.

The police have taken away Mike Baldwin's Mercedes, although he denied knowing that it was a stolen vehicle.

The French Mayor, M. Pico has arrived in Weatherfield. Alf had tried to find a suitable hotel for him to stay in, but in the end he is staying with Alf and Audrey. He brings with him a black pudding for Alf and a bottle of expensive perfume for Audrey who is overjoyed, and tells the French Mayor to "relax-ay voo" in their home!

Derek has installed a couple of ugly gnomes in their garden, because he told Mavis that the female gnome reminded him of her! Norris comes around to see them both and talks non stop about Angela, he brings Mavis a chocolate Easter Egg and says that he bought Angela one too but they mis-spelt her name on the egg to read 'Angel' which Norris thought was quite fitting.

Steve McDonald finishes the t-shirt job for Costello's nightclub and goes to make the delivery, Vicky insists on going along with him. When they arrive, the owner of the club is out of town and so they don't get paid cash on delivery, as agreed. Vicky is all for taking the goods out of the club until they get paid, but Steve agrees to leave them there and collect the cash later. That evening, Steve and Fiona go to the club and Vicky and Andy McDonald turn up later. The manager gives Steve a cheque to cover the cost of the t-shirts even though cash had been agreed upon originally. Andy tells Vicky that she is playing a dangerous game with Fiona and Steve as she seems set on splitting them up now she has a financial hold over Steve.

As it's been a long holiday weekend (Friday and Monday) here in the UK, John and Denise decide to go out for a day trip with the baby, in John's car. They spend a day in the country and then go back to Denise's flat for dinner and some wine. Denise tells John all about Ken and John can't understand what Denise's problem is with Ken, he thinks he is a good bloke. However, they start confiding in each other and then John leans over Denise and kisses her but she pushes him away, telling him that he has got the wrong idea. He tells Denise that she is always leading men on and should know better by now, and gets up and leaves, telling Denise not to expect to see him again, in any capacity.

I forgot to mention above that Shamir and Ken have a little run in over Deidre, with Ken telling Shamir in no uncertain terms that their daughter has to come first for Deidre.

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