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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 27 2000

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There's gratuitous shot's of delicious Dev's hairy chest bursting forth from his loosely buttoned shirt this week after he goes to complain to Jim about having a bonfire in the middle of the road. Gary also complains - he's got kids next door and PC Emma calls round to see what's going on. Jim apologises to everyone, but he also says it's done him the power of good, so it has, exorcising the ghost of Gwen.

Karen, a mate of Linda from Wheeler's, starts work at Underworld to replace Gwen. Karen wants to know what's going on between Linda and the boss and isn't surprised to hear that the rest of the Sykes family don't know about the relationship - but that's just how Linda wants to keep it. It's Linda's birthday this week and Mike surprises her with a convertible sports car, lucky cow, while Mark gives her a silver watch, feeling bad that he's unable to compete with his dad's money. Linda's giving Mark the cold shoulder after he gets heavy, telling her he loves her and what not (it's always the what not's of life that are the most exciting, don't you find?). Anyway, Craig turns up, he's a mate of Mark's and tells Mark there's only way out of the situation; he has to leave Linda, leave Weatherfield and leave the whole sorry mess behind him.

Sam the builder is supposed to put a bet on in the bookies for the lads on the building site, but instead he spends it on a steak and pudding dinner in the cafe. Of course, the horse wins (now there's a surprise) so he has to think of a way to repay the £240 prize money. Geena remembers where she's seen Sam before after recognising a tattoo on his arm - he's 'The Masked Python', the stripper she's seen in clubs. Anyway, she offers him a night working in the Rovers: "You need the cash, we need the flesh" and manages to talk Natalie round to holding a ladies night where Sam can strut his stuff. While Blanche thinks the idea's disgusting (but I bet she'll turn up for a look), Betty can't be bothered and says she'll turn up only if there' s nothing good on the telly. "Anyway, he won't show me 'owt I haven't seen before", she muses. The ladies in the Rovers wonder who The Masked Python actually is and when Janice tells Blanche she reckons it's Fred Elliot, Blanche walks out of the Rovers muttering something to Fred about keeping his hands off her sausages.

Tyrone takes Maria out for the day in a car someone's brought into the garage to get fixed. "We can take the dogs to Greenfield Park and they can romp around," says Maria, "And so can we". In the park, Tyrone comes clean about his family, but Maria had already guessed he was lying. On the drive home, Tyrone gets pulled by the police but is let off after Maria steps in to explain who the owner of the car is.

Audrey offers to pay for a picture perfect Platt portrait and you can see Martin and Gail cringe as the photographer urges them to move closer when he tries to get Martin to put his arm around his wife. Martin's had enough and when the photographer tells him to give his wife a kiss, he storms out. Things are getting worse in the Platt household, it's obviously not working out, and Gail confides in Audrey what's going on. Audrey collars Martin and gives him a piece of her mind, but that's nothing compared to the grilling and guilt trip Sarah Lou gives him after Gail tells her what Martin's been up to with Rebecca.
And that's just about that for this week.

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