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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - May 7 1996

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Ashley leaves Ken's house by the back door the morning after Kelly invites him around there (when Ken is away on his training course). They're both hoping that no one will see him leave and find out they spent the night together, but Ashley runs straight into Emily in the back lane! Ashley returns to see Kelly the following night and after a quick shower to get rid of the butcher's shop smell of tripe and liver, he makes himself comfortable in Ken's dressing gown... and in walks Ken, home early from the course, of course. Ken remains calm throughout but Kelly fears that he will sack her. Instead, Ken tells Kelly to be discreet and not to give the neighbours anything to gossip about (which they all seem to be doing anyway).

Deirdre tells Gail that she is going to visit Tracy who is now living in London, and goes to see Alec Gilroy at his travel agency to book her coach travel. While she's there, Alec mentions that he's looking for someone to work full time in the agency and Deirdre jumps at the chance of working there for him. "I'm supposed to ask whether you can use a VDU" he tells her "but I'd much rather ask if you can tap dance".

The owners of Betty's Hotshot are in for a disappointment when the trainer gets on the phone to Jack to tell them that the horse has taken poorly and needs a vet's visit and an injection. Things go from bad to worse when they find out the horse has colic. Jack wants to put a collection box on the Rovers bar to help pay the vets fees. Maud and Maureen put some money into the box when they think it's for an animal welfare charity but soon ask for their money back when they find out it's for the horse's vets fees.

Steve McDonald calls into the salon to see Fiona. He tells her he wants a hair cut but soon starts harking back to the "golden days" when they both shared the flat above Jim's cafe, telling Fiona they were the happiest days of his life. He wants Fiona to go upstairs to her new flat with him "just for a chat, Fi" but she throws him out (good for her!).

Des has had enough of the McDonald clan and when he comes home to find Andy and Anne along with Steve in his living room he tells them he's sick of the lot of them and tells Andy he wants him to move out. "What do you call a McDonald in a suit?" Des asks them.... "the accused". Andy moves back in with Liz.

Steve and Vicky are in court with Uncle Nick defending Vicky who pleads guilty to all charges. And as you might expect, in an effort to help himself and no one else, Steve pleads innocent. When they leave the court room, Vicky tells Steve that she hates him and wishes she had never met him. Steve also moves back in with Liz, even though she distrusts him and knows he's telling lies about Vicky to save his own skin.

Bill Webster and Kevin have plans to go to a football match on Bank Holiday Monday. As Bill is leaving his flat, he bumps into Jamie who is doing nothing in particular and asks if he can come along to the match. Bill isn't keen but ends up taking him along anyway. Jamie is disappointed when he finds out it's not a proper match they are going to see but a local team and only says thanks to Bill when prompted by Tricia back at the flat when Bill drops him off.

Derek has a problem with his car, and when he asks Kevin if he can fit him in that day Kevin says it's unlikely as he has all of Don's friends' taxi-cabs to service. When Don finds out, he over-rides Kevin's decision and tells Derek his car can be done immediately. Don does a little bit of work at the garage but Kevin and Don just aren't seeing eye to eye and have an argument. Kevin walks out on Don, accusing him of watching over Kevin like a hawk. Don tells Kevin he isn't spying, he just wants to learn the trade properly and Kevin comes back in to the garage to work. Kevin isn't a happy chap though, and tells Gail, who tells Sally, who tells Kevin off for bad mouthing Don in public.

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