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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Jan 16 1996

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Quite an exciting and action packed week on the Street this week.

Finally, Gail and Don agree to a compromise over Ivy's house. They both agree not to take the matter any further with their solicitors and to sort things out between them. On the condition that Don acknowledges it's Nick's house, he then buys the house from Nick for a reduced price of 12,000 pounds. The handover of the cheque from Don to Nick is due to take place at the solicitor's office but Don doesn't turn up, he just leaves the cheque for Gail and Nick at the office, glad to have it all sorted out at last. Nick visits Don later and says "Thanks, Grandad" and as Don closes the door on Nick when he leaves, he tells Josie that he finally feels that Ivy has gone and accepts her as being out of his life forever, to which Josie replies "Halle - flippin' lujah!"

It's Vicky's birthday but not such a happy one for her when Steve asks her for 3,000 pounds which he intends to use to bribe the guy he bought the stolen whisky from. Steve thinks the guy will change his statement to the police and let Steve off the hook by telling them that Steve really didn't know he was buying stolen goods. So, Vicky gets the money from her bank and then Steve sends her in with the money to see this guy, while he waits outside in his car. The guy asks to see Vicky's money, and she hands him the 3,000. He tells her that he will change his statement, but has heard that she is worth quite a bit of money and insists on another 3,000 pounds, which will become due after the court case. The day at court arrives, and sure enough, the guy changes his statement and all charges against Steve are dropped. On the way out of the court room, this guy's wife takes Vicky into the ladies toilet and demands the second 3,000 pounds, which Vicky hands over. Vikcy's uncle Nick, the lawyer, thinks he knows what has happened and tells Vicky that if Steve has perverted the course of justice, that he will be in for a much harder time from the police, if and when they do eventually find out about it. He tells Vicky he can't stay for a drink with her because he doesn't like her husband and the company she keeps. Later in the Rovers, everyone is celebrating the fact that Steve is free of all charges, with Steve offering to buy Fiona a drink, while Vicky looks on in dismay.

Liz helps out behind the bar in the Rovers although Vera leaves her in no doubt as to who is the boss. Watch out for some great ear-rings that Vera is now wearing (Bet Lynch style). Now that Racquel is no longer working evenings, Vera is looking for another bar maid, and Percy offers Liz's help. Racquel is looking forward to spending her evenings with Curly and she wonders what they will be doing at night together, and Curly replies cheekily "I've got a few ideas..." and smiles at Racquel, who says "Oh you and your flippin' telescope!"

Tricia is in debt, she receives letters chasing overdue payments and finds she is behind with her bills. In desperation, she sells her TV to Ray Cropper for 30 pounds. Jamie now goes up to Ray's flat to watch TV while Ray does Jamie's homework for him. Things get worse for Tricia and in desperation, she sends Jamie out to his friends house one evening, gets all dressed up... and invites Baldwin around to her flat. When Mike gets there, he wonders what's up and she tells him it's just a social visit and then propositions him, telling him she needs the money. Mike walks out, telling her that if she tries it again with him, he will put her out on the streets, where she belongs. Tricia starts crying "What else can I do?" Vera and Jack need a cleaner in the Rovers, and Rita knows that Tricia is stuck for cash so lets Vera know that Tricia is looking for a job.

Deidre finds out that Ken and Denise are getting married Gail tells her in the cafe. Ken tells Denise he's sorry that he didn't tell her himself, but Deidre seems ok about it all.

The Mallets are no longer barred from the Rovers, Jack tells Vera it's a private argument, and she doesn't have the right to bar them. The Mallets send Jack and Vera an estimate for rewiring their house, later when they come into the pub Jack serves them, and he offers to rewire their house for them, to keep the peace.

Andy MacDonald and Maxine are becoming "good friends", although he admits he isn't seeing her because of her brain.

Denise's brother in law, Brian, is not giving up easily on their affair. He lets himself into the flat above the hair salon and waits there for Denise. When she goes up to the flat she is shocked to find him there, but remains firm and tells Brian their affair is over, she is determined to marry Ken. Brian storms out, telling Denise she'll be sorry she messed with him. Then, Denise's sister comes round to see Denise, she's in tears as she now has proof that her husband was having an affair after reading his diary which detailed times when he should have been at work and he wasn't!

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