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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 6 2000

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Eileen's a little tired of Maya taking advantage of having a nephew as a taxi driver by getting free cab rides on demand. She's a star, is Eileen, and makes sure she goes all out to be as unhelpful to Maya as possible. Eileen's not running Streetcars for Maya's benefit, and when she finds out that Maya has publicly criticised the cab firm by calling it "Streetwalkers", she offers cheap fares to Freshco for shoppers to take custom away from the corner shop. However, when Maya finds out, and she does, she isn't best pleased with Vikram. You just can't go round upsetting family like that. But neither should you take advantage of them, Maya dear.

True love starts to run smoothly for Tyrone and Maria after he has a bit of a chat with Monica, telling her she hasn't got to be jealous of Maria: "The love I have for a dog is different to the love I have for a woman". Ah, bless. Anyway, Vera buys Tyrone a new shirt and lets the young 'uns have the front room to themselves for a date. Norris isn't happy about such goings on in the B&B and even less pleased to find Monica, banished from the front room, sleeping on his duvet. Norris and Tyrone have a chat in the Kabin's post office, with Norris telling Tyrone he can't talk to him at work when he's "in the employ of the Queen", to which Tyrone replies: "Rita? She won't mind". So Tyrone and Maria get snuggled on the sofa and cosy up in front of Pulp Fiction, the pair of them are getting on really well, it's lovely. Norris voices his concerns to Vera: "That lad is far too young to be making a fool of himself over a woman". "Oh?" she replies, "So what's a good age to start, then?"

Nat and Vinny get back together this week and it's snogs ahoy in the back room of the Rovers after he tells her: "I miss you more than anything".

Mark and Linda continue with their, er, driving lessons although Linda's getting concerned that Mark seems to be getting serious about her when she doesn't feel the same about him. Anyway, that doesn't stop her from encouraging Mike to go abroad to a sales conference so she and Mark can spend more time practising three point turns. As they have a fondle by the filing cabinet, Hayley bursts in on them, but it doesn't look like she's seen anything too incriminating.

It's Martin's birthday this week and as Gail plans a dinner and party for him, he tells her he has to work: "I forgot it was me birthday", when he's really sneaking off with Rebecca. I can't decide who is more stupid - Martin, for that excuse or Gail for believing him. Anyway, as he's wining and dining Rebecca, maternity mayhem is going on back on the Street as Sarah-Lou goes into labour after being given a talking to by Blanche. Sally drives her to the hospital with Gail as Candice and David stay behind. David tells his sister: "I'll be thinking about yer" and gets looked after by Danny. Try as they do to contact him, Martin can't be found and no-one seems to know where he is - but Sally thinks Rebecca might know something of Martin's whereabouts. She confronts one of Martin's colleagues at the hospital who gives her Rebecca's address and Sally rushes to her flat, grabs Martin out of there and gives a final sneer, hiss and boo at Rebecca: "Why did you have to pick on a man with a wife and kids, eh? How women like you live with themselves I'll never know". Back at the hospital, Sarah Lou gives birth to a girl and Martin arrives in time to cuddle his grand-daughter. But what to call the new arrival? Sarah-Lou wants to call her Britney. Smart move, Sarah Lou, naming your child after a singer who invites men to 'hit me one more time'. I'll take lyrics like that with a pinch of salt when I hear Ronan Keating on stage singing an equivalent 'Come on, our lass, give us a good hiding, pet". I have nothing but contempt for Britney Spears. Thank you, my rant is over. Anyway, it looks like the baby will be called Bethany, which Candice thinks is a name only an old person would choose. Audrey muses that if the baby had been a boy, they could have called it Alfeh.

However, all this baby business is not yet over. Still waiting to give birth is Alison, who goes to visit Sarah Lou in her ward and gives the new baby a cuddle. When Kevin goes in on one of his visits to see Alison, she goes into labour and with much screaming, blood and messy stuff, finally gives birth to a boy they decide to call Jake. As Kevin returns to the street to wet the baby's head with a brandy in the Rovers, he gets a phone call to say there's something wrong with Jake and he's needed urgently at the hospital. He and Alison are distraught when the consultant tells them that Jake has a rare strep infection. "Despite our best efforts" he tells them, "Jake is failing to respond to treatment". It can only mean one thing - Jake can't survive, and his little body is brought to Alison who wants to cuddle him and has to try to say goodbye. In a raw, emotional scene, Kevin and Alison weep uncontrollably over their dead baby's body. And then Coronation Street go and really turn the emotional screw. They roll the credits without the familiar theme. Oh boy. When you watch it, grab a hanky, a brandy and someone's hand.

And that's just about it for this week. And what a great one it's been. Corrie is definitely improving compared to how it's been over the last couple of months.

Glenda ;-)

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