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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Jan 18 2000

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Emotions run high in the Battersby family after Les confronts evil Jez who tells him the truth about Leanne and cocaine. Back on the Street, Janice blames herself and wails "this is my worst nightmare come true" and there's tears everywhere. There's a brilliant scene between Leanne and Les in the back room at the Rovers, where Les, with tears in his eyes, tries to control his anger and despair towards his daughter. Anyway, Leanne tells all to Natalie who says if Leanne wants to keep her job, she's got to get herself into counselling. With no choice but to do what Natalie suggests, off Leanne goes to the counsellor but sits and sulks all the way through the session and argues with the counsellor bloke when she discovers he's a smoker. Back at the Rovers, Leanne faces up to the truth that she's desperately unhappy and reaches for another wrap of cocaine. She turns it in her hand and then throws it away before adopting the Bet Lynch pose - straightening herself up, putting on a big smile and walking to the bar saying "What can I get yer?". Later, in the back room of the Rovers she collapses in tears to Janice and Toyah to tell them she's ready to go back to the counsellor. Big hug time.

In the Kabin, Rita's feeling a little tired so Norris advises a 'power nap'. "What? You mean have 40 winks?" she says. Anyway, she packs herself off to see Mavis in the Lake District for a bit and leaves Norris in charge of things.

Natalie and Vinny go off on holiday to Tunisia and leave the Rovers in Jim's capable hands and with new barmaid Amy working behind the bar. What's going on with Amy though? She appears from nowhere (well, Birmingham, but it's much the same) with an accent that can't decide if it's Northern or not, tells Dev she's having his baby, tells everyone else she and Dev are engaged, and frankly, gives me the creeps. Dev is getting sick of her, that much is obvious, and it's clear he would rather she hadn't turned up in the first place so he calls her bluff. "For the baby's sake, I'll marry you" he tells Amy. "You just have to prove the baby exists".
Over at the factory, Mike finds out that Alison is pregnant and isn't best pleased to think he'll be losing one of his workers, so he tells Mark to fire her, which he doesn't. He tells his dad if he wants him to be a partner, he'll do things his way. Anyway, Mike goes off on business and it looks like he might be away overnight, providing maximum opportunity for Mark and Linda to get together one more time. However, Linda tells Mark she isn't going straight home, she's going out with the girls instead, but it's just a ploy so that she won't have to spend time alone with him in the flat. Mark questions Linda and tells her he has real feelings for her, poor lad, it's all too much for him so he packs his bags, leaves the flat and arranges with Norris to move into Sharon's old flat above the Kabin.

Martin goes to see Rebecca in her nurse's flat but while he's there, he's feeling paranoid, ("I think someone knows what's going on between us") and guilty ("What would Gail say if she could see me now?"). He leaves without as much as a peck on the cheek for Rebecca, as confused as only a bloke could be who's going through a mid-life crisis. Anyway, later at the hospital, Rebecca and Martin are chatting together and Martin leans over and starts kissing Rebecca's neck. When he looks up, he sees Leanne Battersby walking past, en-route to the outpatient department to have her headaches checked out. Martin is sure Leanne has seen him and tries to broach the subject with her later in the Rovers, but either Leanne really didn't see them both or she's calling Martin's bluff, I don't know, but she did quite a convincing job of denying seeing him.
Gwen and Jim's relationship gets passionate although he's nervous at first as it's been such a long time since he's been with a woman, so it has. He opens up to Gwen about his violence towards Liz. Jim gives Gwen his phone number but when he asks Gwen for hers, at first she declines and then she says she's been disconnected, so Jim gives her money to pay the bill.

Alison and Kevin set the date for the wedding for next Saturday at Weatherfield Registry office. Kevin goes round to invite Sally, bland Danny and the girls to the reception and there's a scene with more unsaid than is said between Kevin and his ex-wife, more on that next week, I reckon. Kevin asks Jim to be his best man and Alison asks Linda to be her witness.

And that's about that for this week. Glenda ;-)

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