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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Jan 25 2000

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Mad Amy from Birmingham spins her web of lies, trying to turn everyone against Dev as she continues with the tears behind the bar in the Rovers. She tells Dev she can't get proof of her pregnancy as the hospital scan wasn't working properly, and lays on the sob story to anyone who'll listen that Dev has told her to have an abortion. It's only Nita who realises what Amy is up to and she soon has a word with the mad one in the Rovers, telling her she knows what she's up to missy, and don't you forget it. It gets too much for mad Amy to bear so she storms out of the pub in mid-flow of pulling a pint for Les who says sympathetically: "Women, eh? Can't live with 'em. Can't shoot 'em". Amy gets into her car and drives off into the night as Dev tries to ask her what's going on, before remembering he doesn't really care anyway.

Duggie has been let down by the builders for his Victoria Street project and needs a quality replacement, a building firm of integrity and professionalism, offering value for money - so why on earth he decides to take on Steve McDonald and Pat the builder, I really can't say. Pat demands on a 50-50 deal with Steve, who agrees, and the pair of them are quite chuffed they've got themselves some work.

Leanne goes back to see her counsellor and talks out her problems with him, realising it's her sad and lonely existence in a back street boozer that led her to became a junkie during the course of the last four weeks. And that's about it for that storyline really apart from a nice little scene in the Rovers when Les comes in to see his daughter, holds her hand and tells her she had him scared.

Rebecca and Martin continue their game of doctors and nurses at the hospital, arranging a day to Liverpool together on a 'training course' (nudge nudge, wink wink). Rebecca's husband, Jerry, turns up at the hospital and finds the two lovebirds enjoying a a quick break together and has a few words to say to them both. Rebecca argues with him and he walks away with a smirk on his face, knowing full well what he's going to do next. He drives straight to Gail's house and tells her what her husband has been up to with his wife. Gail listens to him with her hands on her hips, doesn't believe him and soon sends him packing. When Martin comes in from work later that evening, she tells him Jerry has been round with his accusations. Martin acts all innocent and Gail gives him a kiss saying Jerry's lies won't get them down: "As long as we love each other, he can't touch us". Wake up and smell the hospital canteen coffee, Gail.

It's the night before Kev and Alison's wedding and she's out on her hen-night with the factory girls in the Rovers. Kevin takes himself round to see Sally and you know it's going to end in tears when Sally gets the red wine out and the pair of them sit down and chat about old times. Anyway, the conversation becomes a little heated and the pair of them start arguing over who did what to whom way back then and why it all happened and how it all ended and then Kevin goes and says it: "The hardest thing I ever had to do was get used to not being married to you". (You should've thought about that then Kev, when you were giving Natalie one). So, mellowed by the wine, and with Kevin laying his cards on the table like that, the pair of them are upstairs and at it before you can say.. er... um.... well, something quite short anyway. The pair of them come downstairs and back into the dining room with clothes awry and hair tousled before Kevin leaves. As he walks out of Sally's arms and away from her house, he bumps into Alison and takes her hand to walk her back to their flat. Despite it all, the first Corrie wedding of the century goes ahead at the registry office, with the bride radiant and the groom doubtful. Linda does Alison's make-up, so it's not what you'd call subtle and Rosie and Sophie make lovely little bridesmaids. Kevin and the new Mrs. Webster go off on honeymoon to the Lakes, while the old Mrs. Webster moans to Gail in the cafe about her 'moment of madness' and Gail advises her to forget it.

And finally, Mike and Linda (sporting a wonderful zebra print jacket with matching handbag) pop into the Rovers for a drink before going out for dinner. In the pub, they bump into Mark and his girlfriend Claire and Mike invites them along to dinner too although it's obvious that neither Linda nor Mark want to spend the evening in each other's company. In the restaurant, Mark excuses himself and goes to the toilet - closely followed by Linda who swans in there after him. "You can't come in here" he says, pointing out there's a picture of a man on the door, to which Linda replies: "As far as I'm concerned, that's only a recommendation". Oooh.. what a brilliant tart she makes, great stuff. She plants a passionate kiss on a startled Mark and waltzes out of the toilet, back to the table and tells Mike she's not feeling very well and wants to go home.

And that's just about that for this week.

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