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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Jan 11 2000

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This week's update written by Barry Smith as Glenda was away.

Now that Leanne has regained conciousness the police interview her, but she tells them she has no idea who did the robbery. As soon as the police have left, the evil Jez, who has been lurking in the corridor, goes in to see her and tells her that he'll forget about the money that she owes him as long as she doesn't grass him up. Leanne returns to the Rovers and wants to go back to work immediately, but Natalie insists that she rests some more until she's fully over her trauma and puts an advert in the newly refurbished Kabin (now offering dry cleaning, film processing and coach trips) for some part-time help behind the bar. Unaware of his daughter's real involvement with the robbery, Les is a proud father and contacts the local paper to get some publicity in the hope that someone can help identify the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Toyah suspects the involvement of Jez and quizzes Steve about it and gets abruptly told to leave it alone. She hints to Les that her sister has been hanging around with some really dodgy characters and so Les too goes in search of Steve who points the finger in Jez Quigley's direction. When he mentions him to Leanne, he gets a very short 'No, don't' from her, so he goes off in search of him. In one of the pubs he goes into to ask about him, he is thrown out by a landlord who says he doesn't want his kind in the pub and Les realises that this Jez is a really nasty piece of work. When Leanne goes back to work, everybody from Fred to Gail congratulates her on the way she fought off her attackers. All this indeserved praise gets too much for her and she runs out of the bar and into the back room. Natalie follows her and tearfully, Leanne tells her everything. Having been through it all before with her son Tony, Natalie gets very angry with Leanne and tells her to get out of her sight.

Having thought things over and talked it through with Nita, Linda accepts Mike's proposal and no time is lost in purchasing a large solitaire for her finger, which gets flashed to all and sundry in the factory and the pub, including Alma of course who is clearly upset by the revelation. Mark is unhappy with the situation and threatens Linda with telling Mike about their fling on the factory floor, but she is more than a match for him and asks him who he thinks Mike, or even the police, would believe.

Rebecca issues Martin with an open invitation to call round to her flat and to her surprise, he wastes no time in taking her up on her offer as they indulge a passionate (though surprisingly not very sweaty) session together, even though they both know that it is wrong. Rebecca tells him that her eyes are wide open, she knows what she's getting into and she doesn't want to be possessive and they get down to business again. Martin doesn't like the deceit required to continue their relationship, but wants to carry on anyway.
Rita meets Alison outside the Kabin and tells her she's pleased to see her back and that her lips are sealed. All her old workmates from the factory are pleased to see her too and Linda pulls some strings with the boss to get her her old job back. In the meantime though, Kevin has been talking to Gary, who is looking for somebody to look after the twins, until he can get a place for them in a council nursery and suggests Alison. When he tells her, she tells him about the factory job, but she is really pleased that he had no qualms about her looking after children. Sensing a change in their relationship, Kevin pops the question again and this time Alison accepts. When they tell Sally about their engagement, she is glad for them, but when they tell her that Alison is pregnant, she is less glad and confides in Gail that she is worried that the new baby will result in Kevin forgetting the two children he already has.

Duggie is trying hard to sell new units in the Victoria Street development and although he's making a nice profit from the builders, Roy is concerned about the possibility of competition from other catering establishments. Duggie couldn't care less and will let them to anyone as long as he can turn a profit. He tries to rent one to Dev, who isn't interested, but Dev has other worries. An old girlfriend, Amy, from Birmingham has turned up and he makes it clear that she is not welcome, before throwing her out of the corner shop. She still loves him and gets in quite a state, ending up in tears out on the street. A helpful Norris takes her to the Rovers to calm down and cheer up and when she asks Natalie for a job she is taken on immediately.
Natalie has been acting a little cold towards Vinny since he revealed he had a daughter, but they talk about it and Vinny tells her that when he went round to see her on New Year's Eve, she didn't want to know him. They make up and over breakfast, Vinny suggests that they go on holiday, but Natalie is not yet convinced that it's a good idea.

Jim invites Gwen round for Sunday dinner, so he does and opens up to her about his accident and his ex-wife running away with his physiotherapist. In turn Gwen shocks him by telling him that her husband used to hit her. Jim is very uncomfortable about the revelation and the evening finishes abruptly without even a goodnight kiss. Jim talks to Steve about it and he surprisingly suggests that his father is honest with her and explain about the time he hit Liz. When Gwen comes round to try and clear the air, he does this and after a heated argument, she storms out after telling him she never wants to be involved in a violent relationship again.

Bye bye
Barry Smith

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