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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Aug 8 2000

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Norris sets up his train set on Emily's kitchen table and he's going 'woo woo, choo choo' and all that stuff as Emily rolls her eyeballs to the ceiling, thinking it's all innocent fun. But when she almost steps onto the box that the train set belongs to, Norris chucks a mental, asking her if she knows the true value of such a thing! Aha! His secret is out. Emily demands to know the true worth of the train set and Norris, shamefacedly, has to admit it's worth £160, not the £7.50 he paid for it. As if that's not enough for Norris to admit to, Emily shames him in the Rovers in front of Alma and Vera, to which he has no choice but to admit: "My name is Norris Cole and I defrauded the Weatherfield General Hospital League of Friends". Emily charges him £10 interest, demands payment in full and makes Norris promise to play with his choo choo in his room in future. A wonderful scene.

Emma tells Curly that she's decided to move in with him, and surprises him at breakfast with champagne, croissants, cereal and kisses. Curly's over the moon and Les Battersby is quite happy too, assuming that having a lady copper living next door will give him a friend in the force. Some hope.

Martin tries to talk to young David about being left out of things since the baby was born, but it's not doing much good so he buys 'Voodoo Blood Battle IV' to cheer the lad up instead. Anyway, they all go off to the christening of baby Bethany Brittany Platt (BBBP for short), only David decides to make a ten year old of himself, yelling "I hate you all" before doing a runner, only to be brought home much, much later, by Emma in a cop car after she'd caught him shoplifting in town. Candice turns up for the christening to be god-mother alongside Hayley, but when Candice's mum finds out where she's at, she storms into the Platt household and drags her daughter away from BBBP's party. Also at the christening, with young David gone AWOL, it falls on Roy to take the role of The Godfather after Gail makes him an offer he can't refuse.

On work placement at the local radio station, Toyah gets permission to interview Ken about his new book, which she thinks will make an interesting piece for the show. She does all the work but her boss won't let her play it, so she sticks it on in place of a recipe slot while the boss is out of the office somewhere, probably on a fag break. He's furious when he finds out and promptly sacks her. Meanwhile, Linda and Mike (but especially Linda) are convinced that Deirdre was the one who spilled the beans to Ken for his article on local sweatshops. Nothing Deirdre can say will change their minds and when Linda starts locking up the filing cabinet so Deirdre can't get to documents she needs to work on, it's too much and Deirdre storms out. Lurching across the road, she storms straight into the Rovers and gives Ken a piece of her mind, but a sly smile plays around Ken's lips when Deirdre tells him she's walked out on Mike at the factory.

Paula comes all the way from Blackpool ("We've been on this bus now for 6 days and 3 hours without a toilet break, by 'eck as like and that M61 is rough on the bum when you're on a coach seat and you don't know the words to 'Charlie had a pigeon' ") to spend the weekend with Gary and the twins. Gary has a fare to collect so he lets Paula and Walter (I know he's called Warren but I like Walter better) into the house and says he'll not be long. Anyway, the woman he's gone to collect is involved in a domestic dispute so he has to ferry the woman here, there and everywhere and before you know it, half a day has gone by, the fare owes him nearly £50 and her thieving, no good for nothing ex-bloke has gone and emptied her bank account so she can't pay Gary. And to top it all off, she's got nowhere to go. Gary, desperate to get back to Paula, runs the woman to the B&B where Jack and Vera kindly take her in (eventually) and Gary even more kindly offers to pay the Duckworths for the woman's stay there as well as having to work extra hours to make up the lost fare. What a diamond geezer that Gary is, eh?

And as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared. Again. This week he gave Rita a huge red wig and an oversized green coat and sent her off to entertain the children in the circus. Anyway, Rita and Antony meet up at Roy's Rolls when Roy hosted a cultural evening with a reading by Mr. Kenneth Barlow, esquire, local author of a local book, sold for £7.50 in the local shop. Anyway, Antony asks Cleopatra to join him at the theatre this week, he's always given two tickets for these things, being a reviewer, and off she goes, all sixes and sevens, dolled up to the nines. Norris sounds the warning bell to her in the Kabin: "Just watch what you're doing with the book seller, Rita dear, you can't trust a man who lives his life surrounded by works of fiction". Although Rita insists that Antony is just a friend, she is more than a little disturbed by his admission over dinner that he's still married! Married! The downright cad! "Listen", he tells her "It's not what you think....", but Rita's heard this before, too many times, to stay and listen to what Antony has to tell her. Actually, it's something she probably hasn't heard before - but before he can explain any more than: "My wife, you see, she's ill.... ", it's too late. Rita has left the building.

There's also been lots of nail chewing and finger biting this week with Steve McDonald getting ready (or not) to give evidence at the trial of Gerald Francis Quigley (Jez, for short). Natalie's in pieces, she's not going to have an easy time of all of this and on day one of the trail things ain't going too well when Steve's given a grilling by a woman in a scary wig.

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