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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Aug 15 2000

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Norris decides to take a protective interest in Rita's affairs, especially the one he thinks she shouldn't be having with a married man. But she isn't having anything with anyone, married or not, as she tells Emily in the Rovers, away from the prying eyes and wagging ears of Mr Cole in the Kabin. Anthony sends Rita a huge bouquet of flowers by way of apology and Rita decides she's going to give him the chance to explain himself. And as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared. (Bear with me, I've always been a Mr Benn fan and that line has just been too good to resist. I'll stop doing it soon, promise). He tells Rita the truth about his wife. Yes, he's still married. No, he no longer has a relationship with his wife. And no, they don't even live together any more. In one of the most intriguing storylines I can recall, and certainly one that poses a moral dilemma, he tells Rita that his wife Isabel suffers from an advanced state of Alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home. The disease affects her so badly that she no longer recognises her own husband. But does this make his feelings for Rita acceptable? Rita thinks not at first and confides in Emily that she doesn't really know what to make of it all. Finally, she agrees to another night at the theatre, a platonic friendship and nothing more, with Antony.

Dole-wallah Deirdre gets herself down to the Jobcentre but there's nothing worth applying for (there never is Deirdre, get yourself registered with a couple of agencies in London girl, they'll be falling over themselves to offer you wadges of cash to temp in offices to sit and surf the net in between the filing and the typing. Excuse me, I digress, but I'm having a great summer nonetheless). Just as Deirdre's searching for work, Maya blu-tacks a sign in the corner shop window saying 'Help wanted, apply inside'. Mmm... these two events could be connected during next week's update methinks. Quite naturally, Deirdre's not best pleased with Ken, blaming him for her losing her job, especially as he manages to get another woman into work this week. Sort of. He accompanies Toyah to the radio station where she was on work placement before getting sacked last week, and she manages to talk to the organ grinder instead of the monkey, who tells her how much he liked the interview she did with Ken and is looking forward to hearing more of her work. But anyway, back to Ken and Deirdre. The pair of them have a chat and Ken admits he was never happy about her working for the one person he despises. It's quite a touching scene, made better for the fact that they're arguing like billy-oh while Blanche is in the house. Blanche goes out, Ken and Deirdre make up and when the old dragon returns, all is sweetness and light and she's very confused.

The big storyline of the week has been Jez's court case - close your eyes now if you don't know what happens. He gets acquitted. He goes free. The jury says he's an innocent man. Right, you can open them again now. While the circumstantial and forensic evidence can't be doubted, the case isn't strong enough to convict Jez of murder. Everyone's in shock - Natalie and Steve more than anyone of course. Natalie's determined to see justice done and Steve's plain scared that he'll be next on Jez's hit list. When Jez turns up in the Rovers with a couple of henchmen at his side, Natalie tells him to get out, as you'd expect. And as you'd also expect, from Jez, he lets her know he isn't scared of her, or Jim McDonald who tries to put the frighteners on him. Jim's a bit worried for Steve's sake, so he takes the lad a sledgehammer, just in case, to keep beside him in the cab office. And then Jezzy boy pays Steve a visit there, but the sledgehammer's out of reach when it's needed. Jez tells Steve he wants his eight grand back, he tells him he'll be around, he tells him he was the one who murdered Tony Horrocks. And then before he walks out, he makes that creepy 'zzst' noise between his teeth, grips and twists Steve's nose between his fingers. (I do that to my brother sometimes, grip and twist his nose then hold my thumb up going: "I've got your nose, I've got your nose". He gives me one of his looks and goes: "Glenda, stop it. You're almost 36 years old. It's not funny any more". Oh yes, it is, it is.)

There's a surprise visitor at the B&B when Geoff Horton turns up with little Tommy. Doreen's done a runner with her fancy man, a younger bloke she's been having an affair with, so Vera's only too happy to look after Tommy temporarily until things are sorted out in Blackpool. When Doreen turns up asking to take Tommy away with her, Vera gives her short shrift, assisted by Jack, who throws the woman out. Tommy's staying with his gran and grandad Duckworth, for now, anyway.

Fred invites Ashley and Maxine to dinner at the golf club and against Maxine's wishes, the pair of them go there for the evening. Fred has an ulterior motive for the dinner; he wants Ashley to join the golf club as a member and even lines up Mike Baldwin to second his membership. But despite hobnobbing with Weatherfield's finest - footballers, models and the likes of 'Fishfinger' Fawcett and his missus, Ashley quite simply doesn't want to play golf. Maxine can't afford to let this social climbing opportunity pass by, so she offers to join as a lady golfer instead.

And elsewhere on the Street; Dennis offers Jim 20% percentage on all takings if he rents out space in the garage to him to fix motorcycles. Les and Dennnis hatch a scam to cash in on returning supermarket trolleys to Freshco and that's just about it for this week.

Glenda ;-)

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