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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Aug 1 2000

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Working at the Benefit Agency becomes too much for Spider when he has to refuse a single mother her benefits and he walks out. Now, this could have been a good scene. Nay, it could have been a great scene. The potential was there - he could have railed against Daily Mail readers, he could have stood on his desk and lectured his civil service colleagues about ethics and morals and I suppose he did, a bit, but only in the most wimpy kind of way. If ever we were in any doubt that Spider had changed, dumbed down, from the free thinking, free-range eating, free-loving hippy we'd come to know and love, this was proof beyond a doubt that he was now part of the establishment, with the only thing he was ever likely to revolutionise being the staff rota. He couldn't even rebel properly. But he did, in his own way, sort of. He headed home to sit around a candle and went 'um' in an unconvincing Buddhist way and tells Toyah he's booked them both on a spiritual journey. "We're not going to the Millennium Dome, are we?" she asks. No, Toyah, you're going to India. Well, Spider would have liked you to have gone to India with him, he'd bought two tickets after all, but it's too much for Toyah to take in, too sudden. She can't just up and leave, can she? In the end, finally, and tearfully she decided her own destiny, remaining in Weatherfield without him. And so he went, just like that. He said goodbye to Aunty Em (more tears), paid a month's rent in advance and left £100 in the bank for Toyah. And then he went. And then I cried.

Mike and Linda's wedding plans start to take shape with invitations the size of posh Christmas cards. Mike's a little confused though, he wants to know why Linda isn't inviting any of her own family. She puts him straight, telling him she doesn't want anything to do with them and then she closed the subject, pronto.
After spending the night on Rita's sofa, Norris surprises her with a bunch of flowers the next morning as a thankyou, telling her that sleeping on her sofa was better than being at the B&B while Monica was weaning her pups: "It's like 101 Dalmatians down there". Rita isn't keen when Norris suggests staying on there longer, or in the flat above, but she knows someone she can offload him to - Emily! Perfect! He moves in and starts to irritate her, calling her "Mrs. B." wonderful stuff. While Emily searches through some jumble destined for a charity shop, Norris finds an old train set and offers to take it off her hands. Emily accepts his money in order to get him off her hands.

Over at the Battersby's, Jim takes a look at the motorbike that Les and Dennis have salvaged, and with his mechanical knowledge, pronounces it a bit of a good 'un. The 1950's Harley Black Shadow (or should that be a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning?) looks set to be a little earner for them, just as long as they get it tidied up, sold and out of the house before Janice returns, that is. Dennis is settling in there quite well though, it'd be a shame to throw him out when Janice gets back, especially as he's been cooking toad in the hole with mushy peas and gravy. And really, when you get a bloke who can cook a decent toad in the hole (veggie sausages, of course), it's probably a good idea to hang on to him.

Ken's book goes on sale at £7.50. It includes a dedication inside to Deirdre and he has his first sale in the Kabin although Norris proclaims: "It's not quite Harry Potter". Edna from the factory says she can't afford to buy it although expresses interest in the chapter about Weatherfield sweatshops. Ken goes on article alert when Edna spills the beans about sweatshops not having changed much over the years, especially ones run by small, greedy, capitalist, barrow-boy adulterers.

Gary's looking forward to Paula's visit this coming weekend although he confides in Vera that he's feeling a bit nervous about it. Where will everybody sleep?

After she expressed an interest in genealogy, Ken points Rita in the direction of a specialist bookshop and off she goes. And as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared. Anthony Stephens. Romance alert. Romance alert.
Steve starts getting worried after a brick is thrown through the cab office window just a week before he's due to give evidence at Jez's trial. He gets further worried after a dodgy fare ride to the middle of nowhere and then a nasty man in his car threatens him to keep away from the trial, or else. I think someone is trying to tell him something here, but what could it be? Anyway, he drowns his sorrows in the Rovers and impresses on Leanne and Vikram the gravity of the situation: "It's not an 'aircut, it's a flipping murder trial". In fact, he's so scared, there's no way he can give evidence now.

Over at the Platt's happy nest, little David is feeling left out of things and he lets them all know how unhappy he's been feeling since "that stupid babeh" was born. Quite right too! To make him feel a bit better, Sarah-Lou asks him to be godfather at the christening later this week, but he'd much prefer a new computer game. When Sarah-Lou asks her if she'd like to be godmother, Hayley dissolves in tears.

Curly asks Emma if she'd like to move in with him, but she doesn't reply - she's asleep at the time. Curly doesn't half pick his moments, doesn't he? There's a lovely scene where Curly tells her how he feels about her, the camera pans to his face and you believe every word he's saying... and then the camera pans to Emma - snoring on the sofa. But that doesn't deter him, and he asks her again, this time when she's awake. He still doesn't get an answer from her, she's rushing out to work this time. but she promises him she'll think about it. Awww.

And that's just about that for this week.
Glenda :-)

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