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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Aug 22 2000

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Janice returns from her mother's, curious that the Battersby household is unusually clean and tidy. She knows Les would never have done it so it can only mean one thing, he's had a woman in there while she's been away. Les tries to explain that Dennis has been staying but she won't listen and storms off, furious. Anyway, when Janice calms down she realises that having Dennis around the place might have its advantages (he cooks a mean black pudding) and she agrees to him staying on as lodger as long as he obeys some basic ground rules and pays rent - to her, not Les. Les and Dennis start scheming to rescue shopping trolleys from Freshco, planning to sell them back to Curly, claiming they found them in the canal. I lost interest in this storyline a bit but needless to say, it backfired on them and they ended up with a backyard full of trollies they can't shift.

Emma moved in with Curly this week, leaving Curly pondering where they could position Emma's exercise bike. She wonders why they can't just stick it in the attic, but as that's where Curly keeps his pride and joy, the telescope, he isn't keen on having his space invaded, although if the bike did share space with his astronomical extension, it would mean he could keep a closer eye on Uranus.

Deirdre started work this week in the corner shop after the divine Dev offered her a job. "The Gods have directed you here" he drawls. "No they haven't, it was me mother, we're out of cornflakes" she replies. Anyway, she starts work there and cuts Linda down to size when she comes in to gloat. She also has to cut short Blanche who comes in with a good luck card and vitriol, letting Deirdre know in no uncertain terms that this pithy shop job is beneath her daughter's capabilities.

Leanne gets a postcard from Mark on his travels. Then she gets a bouquet of flowers, then a diamond and gold necklace, then a massive delivery of all sorts of flowers arrives for her, all from an anonymous admirer. With the bouquets in the Rovers, that back room has not smelt so fragrant since Annie Walker was in there sprinkling Estee Lauder on her pulse points. But when she finds out just who these gifts are from, the evil Jez no less, she isn't best pleased. She's even more unhappy when a couple of his henchmen grab her off the street and kidnap her, dragging her kicking and screaming back to his flat. He tells her he's a changed man, he's off drugs and wants to make a fresh start with her. Then he smashes her head off the door and threatens her before screaming at her to get out, which seemed to me to be the wrong sort of message to be giving to someone you like. Anyway, Leanne starts wondering what life would be like away from Jez right now, a new life, perhaps on the other side of the world - with Mark.

Doreen Horton brings her feckless fancy man, Carl, to the B&B to pick up little Tommy but Vera's not having it, and hurries Tommy out with Tyrone before Doreen can see that he's in there. Anyway, Doreen reckons she should have Tommy as s'hes his legal guardian but Vera points out that she is only one of two legal guardians and without her husband Geoff agreeing to Tommy being handed over, she's not going to let him go. But who's going to look after him while Jack and Vera are working? Vera drops Tommy off at the Platts house and young David takes him under his wing, forcing him into stealing sweeties from the corner shop (he doesn't though, he pays for them and only pretends he's stolen them).

Rita and the shopkeeper spend more time together this week as he takes her out on day trips in his jam-jar in her search for her ancestors. When she invites Anthony back to her flat for a coffee (come on Rita, you've been around a bit, you should have known), she's rather surprised when he puts his arm around her shoulder (no mean feat with those shoulder pads) and moves in closer. She's so surprised in fact, that she asks him to leave and they wish each other a very cordial goodnight.

Toyah's upset over her poor A level results - she's got three E grades. Ken tries to cheer her up a bit, saying an E isn't a fail, it's still a result of sorts and this sort of works, with Janice and Les doing their best to be proud of their daughter.

Tyrone is finding it hard to part with Monica's pups but Jack and Maria remind him of the reason he's doing all of this - his new car, a set of wheels, snogging on the back seat, freedom. He tells Maria he also wants to buy an engagement ring. He interviews prospective parents for the pups but decides none of them are good enough for his babies, bless him. Jack has to step in and make him see sense. Tyrone presented Jack and Vera with a framed photograph of himself and Monica for the Duckies 43rd wedding anniversary this week. Jack, of course, had forgotten all about it.

Linda, with no friends of her own, asks the local barmaid, Geena to be best woman at her wedding. Geena, who needed a new frock anyway, says yes. Mike invites Deirdre to the wedding, but I don't think Linda knows about this yet as she hasn't thrown a wobbly.

Anyway, thats just about that for this week. I'm off to have my birthday.
Glenda ;-)

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