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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 18 2000

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Vikram, not one of my favourite characters, wants Dev to loan him the seven and half grand necessary for him to buy into the taxi cab firm with Steve McDonald. Dev won't lend him the money (well, would you?) and so with Nita's agreement, he puts their house up for sale, intending to use his share of the profits to get him into business. Jez Quigley (Tyrone's wicked older brother in another life, surely?) returns to the cobbles and overhears Vikram when he says Steve hasn't got the money to put into the cab firm business either, so he sort of mooches around, offering cash, hoping he'll be in for a bit of the action, whatever it might turn out to be.

Nat gets interrogated at the police station over her relationship with Colin Barnes and confirms Colin's alibi, with tears and regrets. When Nat and Vinny argue in the Rovers, Leanne tells Janice about Natalie sleeping with Colin. Janice tells Vera and Vera tells Audrey and it all gets back to Nat, who assumes it's Vinny who's spilt the beans, although Leanne finally comes clean. Vinny, hurt and useless, wonders if he should just give up on Nat, unable as he is to reach her in her pain and unable to deal with her past. But Vinny being Vinny, he's still hopeful, although he's pretending like he's not. Nat gets Duggie to print some posters offering a ten thousand pound reward for information leading to the conviction of Tony's killer. One of the posters goes up in the Rovers and Jez Quigley goes queasy when he spots it, not unnoticed by Leanne, who later tells Steve she reckons it were 'im wot done it.

Martin and Rebecca? Well, it started off quite wet then I reckon it must have gone a bit tacky before the colour slightly changed as it dried off completely. Yes indeed, watching paint dry was preferable to enduring more of this piffle. So what did happen...? She said she was handing in her resignation and going off to work in Dubai, couldn't bear to be part of his life while not being part of his life, couldn't take it any more, he thought about it for a bit and said okay, then go, walk out the door, just turn around now, 'cos you're not welcome any more. I think there were tears, who cares?

A very odd storyline this week with Les being stranded on a lake in the park while on his community service, convinced there's crocodiles in the water (all 3' of it, in the middle of Manchester? Mmm... possible, I suppose, but then again.... nah). Waving for help across the lake, an old woman reports Les to the police, thinking he's flashing at her, and it's only when Tyrone comes by walking Monica and vouches for Les that the police let him off with a warning.

After having a word with Toyah in the cafe, Maxine decides she's going vegetarian. She also decides her fella and her Bella are going vegetarian too, and Ashley is not best pleased: "I'm a fella and I need me meat!". As you can imagine, when Fred finds out, he almost blows a gasket: "D'yer know yer grasping an 'erbivore t'yer bosom?" I say, he wonders what the world is coming to: "She'll be telling yer that carrots have feelings next!". Ashley thanks Maxine profusely for cooking a proper meal for him - sausage casserole - when he returns from work, declaring them the best sausages he's ever eaten - until she tells him he's just eaten veggie sausages!

Gwen's got designs on Jim... and his wallpaper, the paintwork and the furniture. She's wanting all new stuff, all done her own way, and to be fair to him, he does agree to a new bed. Well, the one he's got he's had for 20 years since he married Elizabeth so he reckons it's time for a new one.

Collette and Curly meet up in the Rovers to chat about this mysterious Cavanagh bloke who's been stalking them both. Curly offers to buy them both a curry so she goes back to Curly's house while he nips down the Balti Express. But, as Collete sits in the house alone, in walks Cavanagh, letting himself in with Curly's keys that he nicked last week. The bloke's obviously nutty and proceeds to give Collette a bit of a weird time. Fortunately Curly comes back with the poppadums in the nick of time, Cavanagh runs out into the street, brought to the ground by a flying rugby tackle from Duggie (great stuff). All's well that end's well anyway. Cavanagh gets nicked, Collette and Curly part as friends and Curly ends up on a date with Sgt. Emma just as he was getting resigned to nights in eating fish and chips for one while playing with his expanding telescope.

Hayley helps Sarah Lou with the costume designs for the school play. Trying to extend a hand of friendship, she's as nice as can be to Sarah Lou who turns and says: "What do you know about being pregnant Hayley?". Nothing, of course, but she does know all about being different and offers Sarah Lou some sage advice. And that's just about that for this week. Remember, if I don't check in this time next week, call the mounties. And send money, lots of it.

Glenda :-)

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