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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 25 2000

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Curly tells Alma about girlfriend Sgt. Emma and she approves. He goes off on a real date with Emma and tells her he's off to France soon to 'visit family' but doesn't tell her, not yet, that it's his daughter and ex-wife he's going to see. Of all the story lines that are going on right now, some are pretty naff (Gwen and Jim, so it is), some are downright stupid (Martin and Rebecca - come on down!) but Curly with a girlie is lovely to see.

Danny's brother helps out in the shop and it opens as D&S Hardware and DIY (tel 0161 710 6111 and ask for Sally). Duggie wants a big opening ceremony with a local celebrity - and offers himself, cheap like. He turns up in and gets out of the taxi in front of the shop to be snapped by the hacks from the Weatherfield Weekly Wotsit. Blanche is straight in there, checking out the cloths and moaning about the shabby chamois on sale.

Relations are strained between Fred and Ashley over this vegetarian business. Ashley stands by Maxine and tells Fred he's proud to be a veggie, to which Fred replies: "Have you been watching Babe again?!"

Now I used to like Gwen, but she's managed to wrap Jim around her little finger and is being way too manipulative for my liking these days. She manages to get a new bed out of him, fair enough, but before you can say 'I can't think of anything worse than spending any part of MY Easter weekend in B&Q', she's got new wallpaper, paint and the room all stripped, ready for action.

Over at the factory, Hayley's having a hard time as Gwen takes time off for shopping when she ought to be working. Hayley confides in Roy that she's not really cut out for this supervisory business: "I see meself more as the captain of the rounders team than Atilla the Hun". However, she does end up threatening Gwen with the sack if she doesn't pull her socks up and stitch her knickers quicker.

Evil Jez is hanging around, assuming that the money he's loaned Steve McDonald entitles him to his share of the taxi-cab firm that Steve and Vikram have just set up. Fortunately for Duggie, they've taken one of the new units in Victoria Street. Steve gets paid from Duggie, he offers Jez his money back but he won't take it. The pair end up in a tussle on the Street with Jez pushing Steve's face up to one of the Tony Horrocks reward posters, reminding Steve what happened to the last person who upset him. A brilliantly nasty piece of work is Jez.

Dev and Vik's Aunty Maya turns up to work in the corner shop, takes off her coat, gets to work and says: "Let's get this place sorted out then". Indeed.

And, oh yes, he's back this week. The lovely Spider made a reapparance in the show as the voice of militant vegetarianism with a very bad haircut.

Tyrone takes his driving test again, he's nervous as he's got the same examiner as last time. When the car breaks down on the test, he gets out to fix it, although it's "highly irregular" says the examiner. Never mind, he passes it and Jack is rightly proud of "our Tyrone".

Debs cooks dinner for Duggie and the two of them get all cosy over red wine and something hot. She swishes off upstairs while he's trying to uncork another bottle downstairs when panic strikes - and Duggie runs away. Sensitive as a woman can be to a man who's wife has died and he hasn't been intimate with anyone since and who pops round to see her the next day with a bunch of flowers to apologise - Debs tells him to get lost. The bitch! She calls him screwed up; she can't see past her own dented pride and quite frankly, not worthy of Duggie if you ask me. They agree to call it off, as do Nat and Vinny this week.


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