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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 11 2000

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Emotions run high in the back room of the Rovers (when did they not?) with Vinny and Natalie's relationship pulling apart at the loose seams that were only just holding them together in the first place. While Debs and Duggie are concerned for Nat, Vinny manages to stand around a lot with his hands on his hips looking (gorgeous but) useless. He can't get through to help her and things are further strained when the pair of them go to Deb's house for dinner and it's only Duggie that seems to be able to reach out and understand what Nat's going through. Things go from bad to worse for Nat when the policeman turns up at the Rovers telling Nat that they've taken Des' brother Colin in for questioning over Tony's murder. But it doesn't end there, there's more, next thing you know, Colin turns up at the Rovers telling Natalie there's only way to prove he's not Tony's murderer and he's got an alibi to prove it - he was in bed with Natalie at the time of Tony's death. In tears and turmoil, Nat accepts Colin's word, and knows she has to tell Vinny the truth. He's as troubled by all of this as she is but reacts in a different way, flying at her, demanding to know who else in the pub she's slept with. Nat slaps him across the face and the pair of them are in a state. "Bedding Des' brother.." he spits "..that was a lousy thing to do" ...while on the other side of the door, Leanne listens intently.

Over at the B&B, Tyrone's getting excited about his driving test. Jack warns the lad to take things easy, saying: "As far as your examiner's concerned you're a little old lady driving to church on a Sunday". Tyrone leaves the room bearing Jack's advice in mind, going: "Mirror, signal, manoeuvre. That was a charming sermon by the vicar this morning". There's another cracking moment just before Tyrone goes out for his test when Jack reminds him: "When you stop, put your hand brake on," and Vera chips in: "And when you start again, tek it off". Anyway, as he's taking his test, the examiner has a heart attack and instructs Tyrone to get him to the hospital as quick as he can. Of course, Jack just happens to be walking past and can't understand why Tyrone is speeding along and ignoring all his advice about driving carefully. In the B&B, Vera tells Jack she's found some mucky books (adult reading material, I think she must have meant) in one of the guest rooms.

Over at the factory, Linda sacks Bobbi for the amount of shoddy work she's producing. Janice hits the roof and heads straight for Mike's office to tell him the workers are "not going to be bossed around by some jumped up tart!". Linda is sent off to an appointment and Mike tells the girls to get back to work, before heading off for a meeting himself. He returns to find not one stitch of work has been done. He shouts at them all, saying it's his factory, he'll employ who he wants, do what he wants and won't be dictated to by the workers. In appreciation of his little speech the girls all leave and go to The Rovers. Bobbi offers to leave, but with the exception of Gwen the workers are united and Hayley thrashes out a plan of action. Having agreed to convince Mike that it's in his interests to take them back and take Linda down a peg or two, Hayley and Janice go back to negotiate. Meanwhile, Deirdre, wearing a pair of hideous white knee length boots, explains to Mike that she can't summon up a workforce from nowhere and Mark points out, just as Hayley and Janice arrive, that they can't afford to lose this order. Hayley shows off her negotiating skills by explaining to Mike the workers have got too many bosses telling them what to do and that he'd be best off by stopping Linda from interfering with production and getting her to concentrate on sales. Mike is convinced and the strike is over. They go to the pub to celebrate as Mike glumly sips his whisky at the bar. Linda returns from Leeds and is horrified to learn that Mike has undermined her authority. (Linda just gets better every week, pulling money out of her bra strap and running circles around Mike, wonderful stuff). Anyway, Mike offers Hayley the job of supervisor to which she sort of agrees, telling Roy: "I had to say yes 'cos I didn't know how to say no." but her extra duties come without any extra payment, just the promise of a bonus, a thumbs up from Deirdre and a patronising smile from Mark.

Vikram and Steve want to throw a party in the house and Nita isn't best pleased at first but then agrees, saying she's invited some of their 80 year old Aunties along to party on down with them. She tells Vikram she's happy for him to sell the house and split the proceeds so this party could be the last one they ever hold there. This storyline, I'm sure, is leading somewhere but by 'eck is was worth it just to hear Dev purr out the word 'paaarrrrrty' in that laid back, sexy as socks way he has.

Strange goings on over at Curly's house when he clamps his car overnight but still manages to get a speeding ticket for the car having been driven over the limit at 2am on the motorway. Most odd. He finds someone creeping around beside his car but is relieved to find it's only that nice policeman, Mr Cavanagh, who says he's checking the vehicle over (when he's clearly not). They go into Curly's house to discuss things further and while Curly's upstairs, plod takes his back door key and the next thing you know, Curly gets up on the morning to find his furniture rearranged downstairs with the dustbin on the table and the chair on the sofa, very strange indeed. Sgt. Emma Taylor pops round to take more details and is not too surprised to hear that her colleague Cavanagh has already been involved somehow in the strange goings on.

Martin's back from his training course and is now promoted to charge nurse. Both Gail and Rebecca are after his body, heaven only knows why, the man is a complete idiot. Acting cold towards Gail, he heads off to the hospital only to upset Rebecca by saying he can't stay as he wants to have dinner with the kids at home. When he returns home, he finds that Audrey has whisked the kids off for the night to allow Gail and Martin some time alone together, so he sulks, pushes his lovingly prepared food away from him and stomps upstairs in a Kevin-the-teenager sort of way. Things continue like this with Rebecca upset that he won't spend time with her in her sad and lonely room in the nursing home, as Gail calls him on the mobile and he rushes straight back home for tea.

The Victoria Street development is just about finished now and Danny and Sally take possession of their unit (and each other) after Duggie gives them the keys, then it's back to the Rovers to drink a champagne toast to each other. And why not?

Les starts his community service in the local park, taken in completely by a fishy tale about there being a crocodile in the lake. On plant watering duty, he spots Tyrone out walking Monica without her lead on and points out the dog walking rules to Tyrone, having a go at the lad for not being able to read before spraying him with water from the hose pipe. Tyrone plans his revenge.

And that's just about that for this week.
Glenda ;-)

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