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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 4 2000

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Trying to come to terms with Tony's death, Nat starts downing brandy for breakfast, losing her temper along with her self-control behind the bar of the Rovers. She's a mess and there's nothing anyone can do tomake her feeldifferent. That is, of course, until Duggie has a word with her. He knows what she's going through and his kind words help, although Vinny isn't best pleased to find out that Duggie's organising the funeral with Nat's permission. Anyway, the funeral takes place and Nat's ex-husband turns up but so does Colin Barnes (Des' brother) and there's a bit of a kerfuffle at the graveside as Colin vents his hatred of Tony in front to everyone, including DI Reynolds who looks on interestedly as he's mooching about.

Now I like Gwen, as you know, but she's digging a hole for herself, she really is. She gets a visit from the debt collector who tells her that her debt is being sold on to another company, one who's strong arm tactics are just that little bit stronger, with arms a little bit longer. Scared, she flits to Jim's place and surprises him by saying she wants to move in with him. Now. Wait, there's more. Thinking it'll keep the debt collection agency off her back if she changes her name, she tells Jim she's going back to using her own name of Gwen Davies. And as Jim gets all lovey and smoochy, chuffed to bits that he's got someone to love, look after and look after him, he pulls Gwen towards him for a hug. Now that she's moved in, with her bin bags and secrets, Gwen does that face, you know, that look that says more than words (or scriptwriters) ever could.
So, now that Gwen's moved in, Steve's thinking it's about time he got himself somewhere else to live, and over at the Kabin, as Vikram's tarting about with the chocolate Easter Eggs (alas, I was sad to note there was no sign of a Tunnocks one with bite size caramel lovelies inside) the pair of them startle Nita by telling her that Steve's going to be moving in with them as a lodger.

Audrey sets Pat to work catching the mice in the salon and she's quite disturbed when he tells her he's caught ten of the pesky little mites, but reluctantly hands over 50 quid anyway. Tyrone's quick to catch on to Pat's nice little earner, telling him he knows he's placed the mice there himself, but when Tyrone tries the same trick in the Kabin, Rita realises what's going on, throws him out and exposes Pat's game so he ends up giving Audrey her money back. (Pat and Tyrone were a natural double act in this nice little scene).

A strange storyline brews when Collette (the woman from Curly's single's dinner last week) turns up in the Rovers asking Curly what he thinks he's playing at. She's had a note put on her car windscreen too, as if it were from Curly, asking her to meet him at Freshco. Curly denies any knowledge of the note and off she goes, but it doesn't end there. He parks his car outside of his house and when he gets up the next day, it's moved down the street. And again the next day. So he clamps it. Everyone thinks he's quite mad, of course, but Curly knows there's something strange going on, especially when Collette storms into the Rovers a second time demanding to know why Curly has sent her a bunch of flowers that he's got no knowledge of...
Over at the café, Gail gets a visitor in the shape of Neil Fearns' dad (a man with all the presence of a string salesman), demanding to know if it's true that his son is responsible for Sarah Lou being pregnant. Give him his due, as a representative of the Fearns family, he was keen to help out and take responsibility for the baby, but Gail wouldn't have it. She thanked him kindly, told him to make his own way out and close the door behind him. During the mother's day episode, Gail had to sit and talk to Sarah Lou, pointing out a few home truths about responsibility for the baby, after Sarah Lou assumed Gail would be the one changing its nappy, feeding and burping it.

The factory girls are revolting in the factory. Linda's on her high horse, but all due to her, she's got her business head on along with her power suit and starts pontificating on cost benefit analysis (what?). She's in full managerial flow, which is impressive for Mike and great for business but it's beginning to irritate the girls. Led by Janice, an emergency meeting ("war counsel") is called in the Rovers to discuss strategy. There can only be one way to deal with Linda's nit-picking. Up the workers; everybody out!

And that's just about that for this week.

Glenda ;-)

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