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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - May 30 2000

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Quite a wonderful episode this week when Audrey gets reflective and tells Gail all about her father. "He was just a fella, really," says Audrey, telling Gail all about Ted Page - the bloke she never loved. The bloke who's best friend she fancied. Ted Page - the man Audrey used in her plan to get baby Steven back after giving him up for adoption; a plan that involved Gail being conceived and born. I was just about in bits watching this scene. It was so touching, Audrey was in tears, Gail was in tears, I was in tears. Anyway, Ted Page was in the army and he moved away, never to be seen again. Mother and daughter cry and hug, the love and respect for each other evident between them - which contrasted nicely with the lies, hypocrisy, deceit and betrayal that Gail doesn't deserve, but is given from her husband. In order to spend the night with Rebecca, he tells Gail he's staying overnight with a bloke called Tommo who's having a stag do on Friday night. Danny's hesitant but he agrees to back up Martin's story - and Sally rumbles the truth. She isn't best pleased with Danny, naturally, for lying to her and decides the best thing to do is tell Gail what's going on. She storms over there ready to tell Gail everything, but hangs fire when words tumble from Gail's mouth about how wonderful Martin is, how she wouldn't have got through the Sarah Lou saga without Martin, how Martin is her rock. Sally tries Plan B - she goes to see Rebecca at the hospital and warns her that she knows what's going on. Rebecca bleats some old tosh about how she and Martin never meant to get involved, it sort of just happened Yeah, right, like they never had a choice. Sally ends her rant with Rebecca in tears, "You end this affair, and you end it now. Or I will".

Vinny and Natalie start chatting again and Nat invites the lad out for the night. He thinks he's off to a pub for a quiet chat, as friends, but Nat's got other plans. She and her bosom take Vinny out for dinner. She tells him she misses him now, she wants him back, she misses his back, she wants him now. Poor Vinny doesn't know if he's coming or going.

Tyrone walks Monica on the Red Rec again, hoping to bump into Maria once more - and he does. She explains that the boy she was with last time Tyrone saw her was her brother so our two young lovebirds decide to go on a date - same time, same place, after the weekend. They sort of smile at each other for a bit, wondering how to end their little chat on a friendly note so they thump each other on the arm and Tyrone walks off with a smile on his face. The next time they meet up at the red rec, Tyrone finds he's got a rival for his affections when Monica growls every time he and Maria get close. Back at the B&B, he sits up close to Vera to see if Monica gets jealous then, but it seems it's only Maria she's taken exception to. There's a lovely little scene between Vera and Tyrone, he really is a star, that lad.

Up above the salon, there's a flat warming party going on. A party that finds Toyah and Spider starting to fall apart at the seams, Ashley getting drunk, Maxine walking out, and Vikram ending up with his face painted with make-up and wearing coloured false nails. Everyone (apart from Toyah and Maxine) get very drunk, and Ashley is so drunk that Maxine won't let him back into the house. Awakened by the noise of Ashley whimpering in the street, Debs takes him in there and lets him sleep on the sofa. Maxine assumes there's been rumpeh-pumpeh going on next door and falls out with Debs, throwing insults at her across the perm solution in the salon. Next day in the Rovers we have Ashley being given advice from Vikram and Steve "don't give in to her, let her know who wears the trousers", that sort of thing. And on t'other side there's Maxine being looked after by Bobbi and Geena "let him make the first move, make him apologise", and so on. Anyway, like a scene from Grease with the pink ladies on one side and the greasy heads on the other, Sandy and Danny Peacock smile at each other, have a bit of a chat and walk out of the Rovers - together, singing "You're the one that I want". Well, almost.

So, Spider and Toyah look set to become history pretty soon as Toyah soberly celebrates her 18th birthday with an orange juice. She wants to keep a clear head to cope with exam revision, but Spider just thinks she's gone boring.

Linda tells Mike she's passed the theory part of her driving test which is news to Mike, he didn't realise she'd even thought about learning to drive. But, now that he knows, he realises that having Linda drive him around would be better than being chauffeured by Mark, so he encourages Mark to give Linda driving lessons. Wahey! Some saucy scenes and lots of innuendo to be had about big ends, burly chassis, gear sticks and clutches as Mark and Linda get to grips with the driving, and each other.

In another corking scene this week (and there were plenty of them, for a change) Candice and Sarah Lou sit in Sarah's bedroom to talk baby clothes and cotton wool. "Will you be the baby's auntie?" Sarah asks her friend, and Candice agrees, saying that it's going to be dead good fun having a baby to play with. Sarah Lou doesn't look convinced.

And, elsewhere on the Street this week: Vera started work at the cafĂ© and nobbled Jack as he nipped into the bookies; Jim's windfall totals £10,000 and although he's making plans to use the cash to buy the garage, Gwen (who has quickly become the most annoying woman, ever) has other plans to spend it, I'm sure.

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