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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - May 23 2000

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Curly gets a second interview for the Freshco job in Scotland. It's not a job he wants to be offered, not now he's found Emma and has every reason to stay in Weatherfield, but he goes for the interview anyway, just to show willing. Anyway, when Nita tells Emma where Curly's gone, she assumes the worst, that Curly wants to move away and isn't best pleased when Curly tries to explain what's going on. No need to worry though because it's Nita who's offered the job as Curly tells Emma "I'd rather be here with you". Nita doesn't want a fuss but Dev insists on throwing a "party" (and I can't even begin to spell how he pronounced the word but it made me melt, that's for sure). Could Dev be the new Spider? I think so, ladies, I think so. He certainly has the charm, if not the ethics. Steve drops by with a bunch of flowers for Nita and off she goes, driven away in a taxi by Vikram.

Over at the Platt's, Gail is managing to play happy families - all by herself. She tells Sarah Lou she's prepared to look after the new baby for her, letting Sarah Lou go back to school and have a life. And then Gail goes and puts her notice in at the cafÈ. Just like that. Martin isn't too bothered about it all, he's got a couple of other things on his mind at the moment. While he's wining and dining Rebecca, Sally and Danny walk into the restaurant. Danny doesn't manage to manoeuvre Sally out of there quick enough and she insists on sitting next to them both, with Martin explaining away the situation as an out of office discussion with a colleague, as it were. Now that Gail is no longer working at the cafÈ, it's become obvious to Roy that he needs an extra pair of hands in there. Toyah's no good at the moment, she's revising for exams and Roy sends her home. And as luck would have it, no sooner has Roy put up a help wanted sign, than Vera walks in and just about claims the job as her own. It's ideal - from the cafe window she can keep her eye on Jack at work on his pelican crossing - and the bookies.

Tyrone's trying to save up for a car and Jack hits on a plan to raise some money by breeding their pedigree chum. If Monica's pups sell for approx. 500 quid each, Tyrone could be well on his way to affording a nice little run about. At first, Tyrone isn't so sure, he's got Monica's well being at heart, but he changes his mind after young kennel maid Maria befriends Tyrone and Monica. Tyrone's keen to see Maria again, so he walks Monica on the red rec, where he knows Maria sometimes walks, but he's downhearted when he spots her walking along with another lad.

Over at the factory, a debt collector comes in looking for Gwen. Janice gives the woman some old fibs about not knowing where Gwen is these days, hasn't been heard of for a long time and even when she was round these parts she never bought a round at the pub, and off the woman goes. Gwen has some explaining to do, and Janice realises Gwen's in a lot of debt, still, and it's debt that Jim knows nothing about. Now then, Jim has been left some money in the will of his Irish mate who died the other week. It's a substantial sum, and he's wondering if he should buy the garage from Kevin and Natalie, both of whom want to sell up. Gwen's all for Jim spending his money and buying the garage, well, she would be, wouldn't she? Jim's a bit more cautious and wants to talk to the loans officer at the bank first.

Geena and Bobbi move into the flat above the hair salon. Yes, apparently it is a two bedroom flat, with Audrey saying something about the second bedroom was where Fiona kept the sunbed. Anyway, they move into the flat and Audrey gives them a lecture along with a rent book, and asks Gail to keep an eye on the pair of them. What's she going to say when she finds out they're going to have a flat warming party on Friday night then? A party which Steve and Vikram have got themselves invited to. (I have to say that pairing Steve and Vikram together in this new taxi business was a good move. Vikram was never a favourite of mine, but the pair of them are good together, it really works).

Steve gets a visiting order from Jez in prison, and of course, he goes, terrified as to what Jez might want to see him for. But there's no need to worry, Jez thinks it's an old pal of his who's grassed him up, not Steve, and he only wanted to see Steve to tell him to keep an eye on his money. Meanwhile, Natalie tells Steve he'll get the ten thousand pounds reward for finding Tony's murderer, on the day that Jez is found guilty in court.
Norris has been an absolute star this week, he really has. He started off the week waxing lyrical about his little bubble car he used to have when he were a lad, then ended up by trying (and failing) to keep Audrey and Blanche from tearing each other's hair out in the Kabin. Without knowing, or caring, that Audrey is behind her in the Kabin, Blanche lets her mouth go about how disgraceful it is for young Sarah Lou to be parading her pregnant self about the street, and before you know it, Audrey's in there and the pair of them are trading insults like professionals. Rita throws Blanche out on to the street. "Street?" she says, glaring at Audrey. "Street? Why stop at the street? Let's go to the gutter 'cos that's where SHE goes!".

Anyway, Sarah Lou, relieved that Gail is going to take responsibility for the baby, breaks down in tears when Hayley comes round with a blanket she's knitted for the baby. She confides in Hayley how scared she is about becoming a mother, and Hayley, bless her, holds Sarah Lou's hand and offers more support than either Gail, Martin or Audrey has done so far.

And that's just about it for this week.
Glenda ;-)

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