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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 24 1997

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The Rovers has been sold to Alec Gilroy, making him a 50% partner. Jack doesn't have the nerve to tell Vera over the phone about Alec, so he waits until she arrives back from Morecambe to break the news. Vera is furious with Jack when she finds out that Alec Gilroy is their business partner, so furious that she thumps Jack in the face(!) and locks him out of the Rovers, making him sleep in the back yard of the pub. She gets in Jim McDonald to change the door locks at the Rovers so both Alec and Jack can't get in. However, they devise a plan after Percy tells them they to use strategy - get a wooden horse! Pretending they're with the drayman making a delivery, Jack and Alec get into the cellar and into the Rovers. Jack tells Vera to fight back and take control of the Rovers but Alec is already hinting at getting Vera's name taken down from over the door as licensee. When Rita finds out that Alec has bought into the Rovers, she tells him he's a liar and a cheat and refuses to have anything more to do with him.

Oh no! I feel another song coming on. I'll have to wrestle my conscience on this one:
me: don't put a song in the update, you got complaints last time you did this
me again: ah, what the heck. Do it anyway
me: alright then
King of the Ro(ad)vers
Rovers - for sale or rent
Back room to let, 50 cents
The barmaids are included too
I owe 17 grand in VAT dues
I drink old whisky I have found
With my little pal who's short and round
He's a man of means, not squeaky clean
Alec Gil-roy
Sally and Kevin have a night out together, and Sally harps on about Kev being different somehow since she returned home. She wonders why Natalie has been spending so much time with Kevin, and he tells her it's because Natalie is lonely and has taken a shine to Kevin. This feeble excuse seems to satisfy Sally's even more feeble brain.

It's Angie's 30th birthday party and who should turn up at the last minute but.. Des Barnes! He's surprised (and jealous) to see that Angie is now going out with Chris and tells Angie that Chris will have to move out as he wants to move back in. Chris and Angie decide to live together as a couple and move into Des' room, so Des has to take Angie's old room. Natalie shows up at the party and pulls Kevin away from Sally for a smooch on the carpet.

The Street is brought kicking and screaming into 1997 when alcopops are sold at the Rovers for the party and Steve McDonald is seen smoking something that's never before been seen on the street (I think) and Fiona tells him to get rid of it before boyfriend Alan arrests him. Much snogging occurs between Chris and Angie (much to Maxine's dismay, as she had her eye on Chris).

Des thinks he's played a trick on the Wiltons by posting a rude and naughty book through Mavis' letterbox, but his joke backfires when Angie tells him that Derek died while he's been away. He finally gets the book back after Emily opens up Mavis' house, but not before making Des squirm with embarrassment.

Fiona tells Liz McDonald to mind her own business regarding the situation with her and Steve and Alan. However, Steve tells Fiona he's busy working on a nice little house that she and Alan might be interested in buying and Fiona takes a look at the house with Steve. When Alan finds out that Fiona was there alone with Steve he isn't best pleased and threatens Steve to leave Fiona alone or else he'll have him arrested and thrown back into jail. (Actually, Steve McDonald has been great this week, his rolling eyeballs, his "so what?" looks direct into the camera, have all been brilliant).

Jon the airline pilot gives the nation a thrill when he turns up in uniform for a date with Deirdre. She's worried that he hasn't called her and assumes he's not turning up for their date, but his plane was delayed and he arrives straight from work, all smart and tidy like.

Don Brennan's house has been put up for sale and sold all within a week, phew! Tabloid rumour has it that a "family from hell" are set to move in - Janice Battersby, her husband Les and 2 teenage spice girls.

Fred Eliot really knows how to woo a woman, I say, he really knows how. After taking Maureen to the ballet, he cooks dinner for her at his place and plies her with fine wines and brandies. Go for it Maureen, I say. He may be nowt to look at but you'll never be stuck for a nice piece of rump.

Gary and Judy Mallett, Chris, Angie and Des (another love triangle in the making), Alan and Fiona all go to Laser Crusader, a game where you shoot each other with lasers, apparently. Chris isn't keen on going to a place that glorifies shooting but Angie persuades him to go along. As they leave, young Zoe (the yobette from a few weeks ago) spots Judy. Zoe is living rough in a doorway and faints in Judy's arms, telling her that Liam ran off with the money Judy and Gary gave him to pay for Zoe's abortion. Judy gives her another £10 note and says goodbye. But, we know she'll be back in a few weeks to complete the surrogate baby storyline.

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