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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - June 17 1997

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Jack and Vera get a visit from the VAT (tax) man who brings them bad news - they've got behind in their VAT payments and owe the huge sum of £17,000. While Vera goes to Morecambe on holiday with Trish and Ray, Jack ponders their future from the back room of the Rovers. After unsuccessfully trying the banks for a loan, he asks Rita if she'd like to buy into the Rovers. She's initially keen but Alec Gilroy talks her out of it, saying it isn't a viable business. However, Alec's got his own reasons for talking Rita out of the deal, he wants the Rovers for himself. Jack can't face losing the Rovers but he certainly doesn't want to go back to being Alec's cellarman again.

Bill Webster walks into Kevin's house in time to catch Kevin and Natalie holding hands across the kitchen table - by 'eck! Bill confides his suspicions about the affair to Rita, and they agree to do something about it, so Bill rings Sally at her mothers and tells her she must come home at once - the nation depends on her to break up this nonsense immediately. Sally rings Kev to say she's returning home but he's in bed with Natalie and doesn't get Sally's message on the garage ansaphone. Chris finds the message and warns Kevin about Sally's return, so as Sally walks in through her front door, Natalie quickly nips out the back while Kevin buttons his trousers up. With Sally home, Kevin is on edge, he wants to be with Natalie but doesn't want to hurt Sally, and sneaks to see Natalie when he can, telling her he's not going to give her up. (I read in the papers this affair is set to drag on till Christmas...yawn). Rita and Bill are hoping that Kev will break his affair with Natalie, but neither of them are sure that Kev wants to, Bill and Kevin argue about the situation and Bill calls Natalie "that tart". Natalie also gets invited to tea at the Wesbters when Sally feels sorry for her and invites her in. While Kev is out at Natalie's house, Sally asks Sophie about Natalie "Oh, I like Natalie" she says "So does Daddy. Natalie was here in the house lots of times while you were away".

Deirdre moves into the flat above the betting shop and Jon the airline pilot is there to help her move in. Best friend Liz McDonald happens to come by and wants to know the ins and outs of Deirdre's new relationship, "So, 'ave yer schlepped with him yet?"

Jon is a bit miffed when he finds out that her ex-husband lives across the road from her new flat, and cools towards Deirdre before walking out. But, all ends well when he buys her flowers and a box of chocolates from the corner shop (why didn't he buy them duty free?) and ends up staying the night with Deirdre after she cooks him dinner.

Chris wants Angie to have a 30th birthday party but Angie doesn't want reminding that she's getting older. You'd think, wouldn't you, now that both of them are earning a salary, they could afford to buy a more comfortable sofa to sit on, that one of Des Barnes' looks extremely uncomfy and most unsuitable for helping to create a romantic situation. No wonder these two don't know whether they've having a relationship or not.

Meanwhile, at the factory, Angie is upset that Mike wants to sell her designs at local markets, she feels her designs are worth more than that and that Mike is trying to sell her work cheaply. Janice Battersby steals some of the frillies from work and takes them home, road-tests them on her poor husband Les, and declares them to be an unqualified success in the nuptials department. Angie finds out about the thieving and tells the girls it must stop at once. Mike secures a huge order to make military underwear for the Dutch Army, much to Angie's dismay, her creative talent just isn't being recognised in the way she thought it would be.

Fred Elliot takes Maureen to the ballet and woos her, I say, woos her for a few episodes before he pops the question. Yes, THE question, to which Maureen says "no" to his offer of marriage. "You're a handsome woman, Maureen, I say, a handsome woman" but she still says no. Maud is certain that the only thing Fred is after is Maureen's shop and advises her daughter against a merger.

Judy and Gary have tests to see if a reason can be found as to why they haven't had any success in trying to have a baby. While they're waiting for the results, Judy goes back to the hospital alone and confides to the specialist that she had an abortion when she was 16 and is afraid that this could be the reason why she can't have children. Judy has more tests and is found to have some sort of blockage which is preventing her from getting pregnant. She eventually tells Gary about the abortion, and this puts yet more strain on their marriage. The two of them go to the hospital for the results of the tests after which Judy's tubes are a source of discussion for some time.

Steve McDonald gets to roll those famous eyeballs around their sockets quite a lot this week. He tells Fiona he has an interview in Manchester and she offers him the £30 he needs for his coach fare to get there. However, he doesn't go (ha!) and returns the money to Fiona when boyfriend Alan is there, making Alan suspicious and he wonders why Fiona didn't tell him she'd lent her ex boyfriend some money. Further stirring the pot is Liz McDonald who tells Alan that Fiona had been spending some time with Steve and that she feels it likely that Steve and Fiona will get back together. Steve tells his dad that he'll accept his offer of work, and becomes a labourer for Jim and Bill's building firm.

And that, as they say, is that - for this week

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