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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - July 29 1997

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I told you the other week that Jon the airline pilot was up to no good, and the truth can now be revealed! Yes, he does work at Manchester airport, but no, he's not a long-haul pilot, he's not even a very short-haul pilot. He works in an airport concession shop selling ties and socks!! Now that we all know the truth about him, it won't be long before Deirdre wakes up and smells the airport coffee too. When Deirdre gets a phone call from Jon, pretending he's in Nairobi, she's delighted to hear from him. If only she knew that he was calling her from the airport payphone, pausing his conversation to pretend it's an international call, she'd weep for days. So, now that he's invited her to spend the night at his place, I get the feeling that it won't actually be his own house they'll end up spending the night at, but some cosy (but plush) love nest he's managed to either beg, steal or borrow from someone to impress Ms Big Specs.

Denise has given Daniel to Ken for 2 weeks, and of course Ken is delighted to have his son again, but all is not well. Little Daniel is a little bigger than last time we saw him, and won't eat, won't sleep, and is making Ken's life a misery. He opens a bag of rice in the corner shop and spills it all over the floor and knocks a plate of chips onto the floor in Roy's cafe. Oh dearie me. Stick him in front of Teletubbies for half an hour Ken, that'll keep him quiet and stop him from looking into the camera while shouting "mummy, mummy". Never work with children or animals? At least Scamper knows when to be quiet.

Angie is celebrating that she may have secured a contract for her own lingerie designs. She (foolishly) tells Janice Battersby the news, I'm not quite sure why she's chosen to confide inthe daft slapper but she did. Perhaps it'll become apparant next week. While living with 2 blokes might suit Angie, Chris isn't happy that Des follows the pair of them around like a lost sheep because he hasn't got a woman of her own. Oh yes, and why, if Chris spent many a year in Africa, where I'm sure he must have roughed it with the rest of them, couldn't be even manage to grill a sausage on the bbq without dropping it onto the charcoal?

Gary goes to the bank and secures a loan of £2,000 to pay for Zoe's baby when it arrives. Judy takes Zoe to the doctor for a check up, not wanting any fuss, so she's a little annoyed when Zoe has go to the pre-natal clinic for an ultrasound scan. Just when you think there's a soft side to Audrey after she sympathises with young Zoe about being young, single and pregnant (just as she was at her age), she then gossips in the Rovers, telling everyone who'll listen that Zoe is carrying Gary's baby! When Judy finds out the rumour that Audrey is spreading, she has a go at Audrey which quietens her up. Zoe decides to stand on the street corner and sings:
"Nobody knows where my Liam has gone
But Judy came the same time
She can't have a kid of her own
So I'm going to sell her mine
It's my baby, and I'll charge if I want to
Hard cash if I want to
You would charge to, if it happened to you"..
Fiona, in a desperate attempt to forget her night of passion with the old mucker Jim, tells Alan she wants to get married immediately, and books the registery office for 3 weeks time. When Alan's parents come to visit, they're less than pleased about the news, especially as it turns out they wanted to go off in the caravan on the date the wedding was planned! They voice their concerns but Fiona is more determined that she wants to have the wedding her way. However, Alan talks her round when he wonders what the rush is for anyway, and they cancel their wedding plans and decide to have a big, flouncy white church wedding close to Christmas, with Maxine as bridesmaid. When Steve McDonald hears the wedding has been postponed, he of courses assumes it's because Fiona still loves him, and Jim is just as confused and sorrowful as ever. Both Steve and Jim go to see Fiona this week, seperately, to beg her not to marry Alan, and to spend her life with them instead.

Steve puts some of his divorce money into the building business, of which he is a partner. He wants the business to grow, to take on more ambitious building projects and become more established, but Jim and Bill are taking some convincing from an old jail bird who knows less about building anyway than I could write on the back of a Cadbury's chocolate bar wrapper.

There's a great scene this week when Alec is caught red handed salting the (already salted) peanuts he's placed in bowls on the bar, in an attempt to increase thirsts and beer sales!

The Battersby's are still upsetting folk on the Street. Les holds a table top sale outside of Kev's garage on Sunday, and tries to sell off his unwanted household goods. After listening to Emily rant on about her childhood memories of steam journeys, Percy looks deep into his soul for something appropriate to say and after much soul searching comes out with "diddle de dum, diddle de dum" (honestly).. He then spots a recording of steam trains for sale at Les' sale and buys the record for Emily, who seems quite happy about her present after she gets over the initial s
hock of Percy buying something from the Battersbys.
Seconds out, round 3: Sally and Kevin battle it out in the Kabin after Kevin finds out Sal has taken £400 from his bank account. He tells her he's going to cancel their joint account and that if she wants any money in the future, she has to ask him for it. Sally says the money was spent on the girls, and for food and petrol, but Kevin wants receipts for everything she spends.

And that is just about that for this week. I've decided I'll start advertising in my weekly updates from now on. So, if you're a retailer and you've got a product you want to push, send me a message and I'll flog it for free in my weekly updates. Of course, in the interest of market research, one sample of said product should be sent to me for testing. I'm particulary fond of vodka, chocolate cake and trips to the Caribbean (preferably all at the same time). This week's update was brought to you courtesy of Vic's "fresh algae, no smell" fish tanks.

Glenda :-)

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