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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Feb 8 2000

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Steve and Pat start work on Duggie's Victoria Street development and Steve finds some Victorian cast-iron fireplaces inside one of the buildings. Recognising the value of them, he ropes Pat in on his devious plan to nick them and sell them. Of course, Duggie's not daft and it doesn't take him long to figure out where the fireplaces have gone. He tells Steve he wants them back tomorrow. Or else. Jim reminds Steve why 'Crusher' is Duggie's nickname, aye, so he does.

Little David Platt is brought into hospital after gashing his leg when he falls into one of the rubbish skips on the Victoria Street development. Martin attends to David while Rebecca, not realising who David is, flirts away with Martin in front of his son. Anyway, she proves to be quite a hit with young Master Platt who invites her along to his football match on Sunday. At the game, the Platt's are all there (with the omnipresent Candice) and Rebecca goes alone, un-noticed by any of them, while Martin's playing the family man in front of his mistress. Back at the hospital, Rebecca tells Martin she doesn't want to destroy his family life and can't bear hurting Gail and his kids, but Martin wants to carry on. Despite the guilt, he's determined his family will never find out what he's up to. Around the tea table at the Platt's, is Sarah Lou being a fussy teenager when she refuses to eat her dinner, or is there something more going on?

Mike persuades Mark to stick around, and Linda and Mark agree to keep their hands off each other and stay 'just friends'. Mike gives Mark the chance to travel to Bruges to attend a trade show (never mind the trade show, think of the beer! think of the chocolate!) and Linda isn't best pleased to hear that Mark is thinking of taking Claire with him.

Alma gets her decree absolute and celebrates in the Rovers with Audrey and Gail, declaring that she's going to start using her maiden name of Halliwell now that she's no longer Mrs. Baldwin. Good on yer, Alma. As they drink a toast to Ms Halliwell, Linda looks on and wonders what's happening. When Alma tells her "Oh, you mean. Mike hasn't told you?", she isn't too happy that Mike has kept it secret that he's now free to marry again. Bob the planning councillor calls round to see Audrey and declines her offer of a drink, saying he's got to rush off somewhere. It's only when the new Ms Haliwell returns home that he changes his mind and takes Audrey up on her offer of hospitality.

Poor old Dev, it just hasn't been his week. Amy shows up with a sob story and a hammed-up fainting spell and goes back to work in the Rovers. Dev goes in to see her, only to be thrown out by Natalie when Amy gets hysterical over something, I don't know what, this whole storyline has bored me silly to be honest. Mind you, there were tons of scenes of the delicious, dreamy Dev so I'm not complaining too loudly. (I'd have given anything to have heard him say, just once, 'Hold me close, don't let me go, oh no', wouldn't you?) Anyway, Amy tells everyone she's lost the baby then tried to slash her wrists to kill herself. Fortunately, Dev calls her bluff by being nice to her - he rips off the bandages in the Rovers and exposes her wrists and lies to all and sundry. She storms off, screaming to everyone that they're 'stupid and gullible' and let's all hope she'll not be back. Vera's still not convinced, however, that Dev was innocent of any wrong doing, even when he covers Amy's bill at the B&B that she left unpaid. Rock on.

Les is up in court in front of the magistrate on his benefit fraud case. Before he goes in there, he's already been up in front of the bar - in the Rovers, getting some Dutch courage, so by the time he's in front of the magistrate ("Your Highness") he's begging for clemency, telling them Janice has a baby on the way that needs its father around. He's ordered to do 150 hours of community service, which starts with cleaning up graffiti from Coronation Street, no less. He's working with an ex-Hells Angel called Dennis and the pair of them pop back to Les' house for a quick cuppa and a spot of air guitar. I like Dennis already, he's topper.

Natalie's sister, Debs, turns up in the Rovers after working as a hairdresser on a cruise ship. (I'm sorry, but she'll always be Pat Farnham to me and I'll never forgive that Max for being so utterly, completely, pathetically useless when Pat locked herself in the hospital toilet after giving birth to Alice). Anyway, she's turned up - and it looks like she'll move straight into Nat's old house and she'll walk straight into a job in the salon - well, Audrey will be looking for extra help now that Tom's gone.

And that's just about that for this week.

Glenda ;-)

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