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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Feb 1 2000

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Mike is worried about Linda being so distracted (after her attempt at seducing Mark in the gents loo last week) but Linda tells him she's got nothing on her mind, just 'women's things' - a phrase which shuts Mike up good and quick and usually sends most males into a demented scene straight out of Monty Python - 'Run away! Run away!'. (But that Linda, she's such a tart isn't she? In fact she's beyond being a tart, she's a brazen open-faced pie if you ask me). Linda and Mark do get together again in his flat, the pair of them in their undies sprawled on his bed until there's a knock on the door - it's Mike. A few lies are told and Mike takes it all in, then later rings Mark and tells him to get himself round to the flat immediately, he's got something important to say. Mark and Linda fear Mike has found out what's been going on and is going to disinherit the pair of them, throw Linda out onto the street and ostracise his own son. But no, it's much worse. He's cooked Sunday dinner for the three of them and insists on a cosy family day together. The deceit is all too much for Mark to take, and wanting to get as far away from Linda as possible, tells her he's got to leave Weatherfield. He tells Mike he wants to go travelling again but Mike is mystified as to why his son wants to leave at all.

Vinny and Natalie return from holiday all tanned and lovey-dovey behind the bar in the Rovers until they find out what's happened to Amy, of course. Tyrone finds a note that Amy has left in her room at the B&B and the poor little mite is distraught because he can't read it. In the note, Amy is more or less threatening to kill herself, but Dev knows better and tells anyone who cares to listen (not many) that Amy is a nutter and he's not worried. However, when the police arrive at the corner shop to tell Dev they've found a body they need him to identify, he can't quite believe it. Dev goes off to identify the body but it's not Amy (as we all knew it wouldn't be) but he's been given quite a shock and is finding it hard to know what's really going on. Anyway, after Tyrone's shock at finding such an important letter and not being able to read it, Ken starts tutoring him at home. All is going well but Les Battersby sticks his oar in and gives him some cruel grief over not being able to read.
Martin and Rebecca spend the day together at their training course in Liverpool and emotions are becoming stronger between the two of them. So much so that Martin starts talking to her about his kids and how hard it's going to be to have to break the news to them that he's going to leave Gail. Rebecca tells Martin she won't pressure him into making any decision but it seems like Martin has made his mind up, Or has he?
Remember Tom the hairdresser who never had a storyline? He left this week.

Steve and Pat, the builders, start work on Victoria street but it's not long before Duggie is wondering what he's done by hiring this feckless pair. Up here in the north-east we have the same sort of builder's company, they're called Hadaway & Sh*te. Cri key, I don't think I've ever done a swear word before in an update. I'd better go back and put an asterisk in to camouflage it. There, that's better. While in the café, an unhappy customer of Pat's accosts him over his bacon and beans and demands to know why she hasn't had a bath since last Thursday. There's a great scene in the Rovers when Duggie mopes into his pint in the Rovers and Ken tries to engage him in sentimental, nostalgic conversation about the Victoria Street development. "I've lived round here as long as I can remember" he tells Duggie, who turns on his heel, says "Oh well, never mind, eh" and leaves a very stunned Ken stood at the bar alone.

Gwen's got the flu so has a couple of whiskies in the Rovers at lunchtime then goes back to work only to be found drunk in charge of her sewing machine by Mark, who sends her packing. I wasn't sure if this meant she was sent to the packing department or sent home but when Jim found out he wasn't very happy and stormed into the factory to give Mark a piece of his mind, so he did. Gwen sulks over this and gives Jim a Paddington stare in the Rovers.

Candice and Sarah Lou are moping about the street in that way that only girls of a certain age can do so well. Candice decides she needs more money so they pop into the new-look Kabin to ask Norris if he has any jobs going. Fortunately, he does and Candice becomes second in command on the paper round.
Anyway, that's about that for this week. If you haven't already had last week's, it'll be with you before the one in a fortnight's time.
Glenda ;-)

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