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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Sep 3 1996

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Not a very exciting week this week folks. The major characters (Rita, Mavis, Emily, Percy, Ken) seem to have taken a back seat to let the newer characters become established, but I miss them, and where is Fred Eliot?, I say, where is Fred Eliot? Alec knew it would be impossible to keep a secret on the street, and of course now that they're back from their weekend in the lakes, everyone knows that Alec and Joyce have been away together. Joyce is stunned to find out that the trip wasn't the freebie she had assumed it was and now feels rightly guilty for spending Alec's money on international phone calls and housekeeping services in the hotel. She offers to pay towards the cost of their weekend but Alec won't let her, so when they arrive back in the Street, she cooks him dinner and they relax with a bottle of wine. Joyce is quite happy to stay a while longer and finish the bottle but Alec is more intent on getting her out of his flat before she gets too drunk, so perhaps these two won't get together after all? (Alec doesn't seem as keen on Joyce as I thought he was).

Now that Becky and Claire have moved in with Des, he's become "concerned" that things are going too quickly for him and stays on in the Rovers to have a pint with Martin rather than go back home to spend time with "the girls". Claire's mother in law pops round to put in her tuppenceworth (don't they all?) and tells Claire she's not happy about her living with Des but goes away subdued after Claire tells her she's staying put. Claire and Becky make themselves feel at home in Des' house and put up a few posters, sort out the videos and when Claire finds an erm... pot plant she tells Des she wants to throw it out. Mavis pops round on a flimsy excuse about a magazine that Des has ordered from the Kabin, when what she really wants to do is to have a good look at Claire and find out all about Des' new lodger. Mavis goes away thinking Claire is a really nice person after Claire gives Mavis the plant, although Mavis is somewhat confused as to what it could be and can't find it in any of her houseplant books. Later in the Rovers, Derek and Mavis are discussing Claire's present to them and Derek quips "It's a nice plant Mavis, it even has a slight fragrance to it, have you noticed?" Ho-hum. Jamie tells Becky about Des' murky past including his fling with Liz McDonald and Des has some explaining to do when Becky confronts Des with this news in front of Claire. Liz finds out from her solicitor that the divorce is going to cost approx. £500 , money she hasn't got. She is determined to sue Jim to make him pay the solicitor's fees.

Steven from Canada is back on the street and Alma's feathers are ruffled when she admits to Gail that she still fancies Steven and was upset that no one thought to tell her he was back in town. He wants to do some more business with Baldwin and asks Mike if his production run can be stepped up to cope with more demand. No problem for Mike, who I'm sure will get Sally to crack the whip at the girls on the factory floor on his behalf so they end up hating Sally instead of him. Sally has her work cut out this week at the factory with Trisha who is still mooching over her sewing machine, dreaming of a cosy cottage with Terry waiting for her at the rose coloured door in his apron and little else. This was a great week for the Street and included some classic scenes - yes, a fight in the Street! This time it was between Trisha and Gail. The kids are back to school and Nicky Platt is filling young Jamie's head with rubbish about what he got up to in London, so Jamie tells his mum that he wants to run off to London too and have as good a time as Nicky obviously had. When Trisha finds out, she is straight round to see Gail and gives her a going over, tells her to keep a tighter rein on her son and they both have a good slanging match with Gail shouting at everyone in sight "Leave me alone, I'm sick of you all!" and trying to look threatening with a rolled up magazine in her hand. Martin comes out and calms the situation down, drags Trish and Jamie indoors and demands that Jamie tells Gail what Nick has been up to in London, because Nick has not mentioned what he did there, and Gail is still certain he became a drugged out rent boy overnight. When the truth eventually comes out, Nicky admits he was in London only a few hours and then stayed in a bed and breakfast in Torquay. "I wish I'd come on holiday with you instead" he says. Don't we all.

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