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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Sep 17 1996

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It's been babies, babies, babies this week on the Street. Mother hen Judy is decorating their living room in preparation for the new arrival. Joyce, of course, is overjoyed that she's finally going to become a grandmother and Gary is still trying to get as much baby-making practise as possible. While nothing has been confirmed yet, Judy tells Sally that she has been sick on a morning and there's a great scene with Judy in the Rovers wondering out loud about having a baby "What if it hurts me? What if I leave it on the bus? What if it turns out like Derek?" More baby talk this week when Trisha has to go to hospital to have some tests on the unborn baby Ducky. Just when she's about to leave the hospital waiting room after being scared off by a nosy old woman who's regaling her with tales of huge needles and injections, Vera appears and she goes in with Trisha to have the tests. The nurse assumes that Vera and Trisha are mother and daughter and a peculiar smile appears on Vera's face. Trisha tells Jack and Vera that her ex-husband (or are they still married?) is due out of Strangeways any day now and will probably want to see Trisha and Jamie. Vera worries for the safety of the baby. Joyce wonders if Alec fancies her or not as he seems keen for them to be friends but admits to Deirdre that he wonders what any woman would see in a fat baldy chap like him. Joyce books a holiday at the travel agents and tries to get Alec to go on holiday with her, but instead she ends up paying for a trip to Malta on her own, forking out for the single room supplement aswell. Go for it Joyce! Be more forceful, he's only little.

Des has found an ally in Becky and recruits her to be his assistant in winding up the Wiltons. Loud music comes pounding through Derek and Mavis' flowered wall-paper walls and disrupts their plans to enjoy their new conservatory in peace. Des sends Becky in to the Wiltons house to try to make the budgie talk. Now, my brother has a budgie that talks with a Geordie accent so if Mavis' budgie ends up talking like Becky, heaven help it.

Steven jets off back to Canada and before he leaves he pops into the cafe where Alma gives him a peck on the cheek as a goodbye kiss. Deirdre, meanwhile, sits alone in the travel agents, wondering why he hasn't been in touch with her after their night out. Is it just me, or do you agree that Deirdre's chances with the fellas would be much better if she had her perm back again? A nice demi-wave can do wonders.

It's talent night at Sharelle's night club where Alec's star singer, the lovely Maxine, is caterwauling on stage and Sharelle is not amused. "You promised me talent, not this rubbish" says drag queen Sharelle, looking more glamorous and gorgeous than any real woman ever could. On with the karaoke, and who should turn out to be the karaoke queen but none other than Fiona, and Alec wants to sign her up with his agency, much to Maxine's dismay.

Maude invites Bill Webster for dinner, hoping that she can get her wayward daughter Maureen finally fixed up with a decent bloke, but Maureen has other plans.. a blind date! Maureen tells Bill the truth, and asks him to accompany her on the next blind date she has, they work out a series of codes, so if Maureen needs rescuing from the date then she drops her handbag on the floor as a "sign" and if she's enjoying herself and wants Bill to leave then she'll spill sherry down her frock and sing Rule Brittannia while standing on the bar stool. The second date goes well for Maureen (a dentist, no less!) and when she goes to find Bill to tell him she won't be needing him to hang around and wait for her, he's already gone home. Sad really, because we all know these two belong together.

More square wheeling and dealing this week with the race between Jack and Derek to fill the cubic space hotting up. This week, Jack looked like he may have spoilt his chances by repeating to Curly something that Alec had told him, which Alec had heard from the chief steward of the cruise liner (a member of the rhomboids, not so rigid as the rectangle). Curly is aghast that Jack knew the secret words, him being an outsider and all.

Ken gets called into the Headmistresses office at school, she is standing with her back to Ken, looking out of the window. Ken asks if there's anything wrong and she tells him there isn't, which is strange. Perhaps it's all a plan to make Ken the headmaster of the school? Once again this week, Liz and Jim are watched by one and all as they shout and argue with one another in the street. Jim's annoyed that Liz has her solicitor working for her to recover her legal expenses from the money that Jim's mother left him in her will. And that, for this week, is just about that.

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