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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Oct 15 1996

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It's been rather a slow week on the Street this week, with good storylines thin on the ground. I'm not knocking my favourite show, but this week Eastenders beat Coronation Street as "Best Soap Opera" in the UK National TV Awards. I hope that when the Street goes 4 times weekly that stronger characters and better storylines emerge to keep our attention.

Raquel goes to see Jack and Alec, to get Curly out of trouble with the Square Dealers. Jack admits to Fred and Norris that it was Alec who told him the secret oath, not Curly. Fred and Norris rush round to give their apologies to Curly and invite the lost sheep back into the brethren. However, Curly has already been to see Alf to resign from the sacred square because of pressure from Raquel. With Fred and Norris grovelling to Curly, Raquel pulls a face that Hilda Ogden would be proud of, she remains tight-lipped and lets Curly know (without saying a word) that if he re- joins the square dealers his life just won't be worth living. Raquel continues with her job hunting as an aromatherapist and has an interview with a posh hotel in Manchester. There's an excellent scene with Raquel and Curly where Raquel tells him of her hopes to be an aromatherapist after having the interview. Curly isn't happy about this as it means they won't be having a family as they planned originally and he dearly wants to have children. He tells Raquel not to get her hopes up as she is only likely to get barwork where she'll spend her day dreaming about being a model once more. Raquel also has a good scene with Des, when she goes into the cafe. Roy is cleaning the tables, and the only free seat is at the table where Des is sitting and he asks Raquel to sit there (good one, Roy!). Des tells her that she's changed, she's more confident these days and harps on again that she was wrong to marry Curly.

Maureen and Bill are still not together, despite Maud's attempts to throw her scatty daughter into Bill's arms. Finally, Maureen plucks up the courage to speak to Bill and walks confidently into the Rovers. When she finds Bill sharing a joke with Joyce, she puts 2+2 together to equal 7 and walks out again, her hopes dashed. Later, Bill tells Maureen that he had been doing some work for Joyce's landlord and that's why he had been talking to Joyce. He confesses to Maureen that he really wants to be with her. But, fluffy as ever, Maureen blames her mother, the shop, her hairdo, and says it's the wrong time for her to have a relationship (but gives him a lingering kiss after he walks her to her van).

Ann wants to invite her parents and Andy's parents for dinner in the new house. Mr and Mrs Malone arrive along with Jim who arrives without Liz. Ann's parents are wary in case Jim starts throwing whisky bottles about but he allays their fears when he asks for "froot jooce", so he does.

Claire's interfering mother in law is round at Des' house again, whispering conspiratorially in Claire's ear. "Have you told him about the money?" It turns out that Claire receives a pension of £16,000 a year from the RAF after her husband died. The rules stipulate that if the RAF widow marries or lives with another person then the pension stops. When Des finds out about this (from Billy Williams, not the ma-in-law) he talks to Claire about it. She tells him she is ready to have the pension stopped, which proves to Des the kind of commitment Claire is making to him.

Jamie is all confused. He wants to know that Carl is his real dad but doesn't know what to believe after Trisha receives a letter from Carl in jail. Carl says that he isn't accepting responsibility for Carl as he could be anyone's son. Trisha ceremoniously burns the letter, poor Jamie, he doesn't know where he's at and seeks solace with Jack's pigeons when he bunks off school.

It's Ken's birthday and the headmistress gives him a bottle of wine she's had in her filing cabinet for some time. She's very friendly and informal with Ken one minute and then the next she's official and his boss, he can't quite make her out. That evening, she comes to Ken's house and he offers to cook her dinner when she pours out her troubles to him and drinks his sherry bottle dry. He asks Deirdre what to do about the situation, and Deirdre tells Ken what is painfully obvious to all of us - the headmistress is lusting after Ken and he either has to put a stop to it or just let himself get involved.
Ashley wants to leave home to get away from his mother's boyfriend. He asks Kelly what he should do, and she tells him about the room for rent in Don Brennan's house. Ashley thinks this would be the ideal solution, as he could then spend more time with Kelly, so off they both go to have a look at Don's house. "Oh, it smells!" says Kelly. Ashley thinks it would be perfect but Kelly isn't so keen on him living there as she's afraid he'll be wanting rumpeh- pumpeh with her in his room every night.


Have just heard this week that:
1. Tracy Barlow will be back on the Street soon when she gets married!
2. Ken will fall into despair (again) at Christmas time when Denise returns to take baby Danny away!
3. Jack looks set to get a new pair of glasses (about blinkin' time!)

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