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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Mar 28 2000

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Now, I like Gwen (despite the haircut) but I just can't understand why she's digging herself into a hole she isn't going to be able to climb out of. Getting deeper in debt, she gets a 'no questions asked' loan and pretends to everyone that she's won two thousand pounds on the bingo. Jim's over the moon for her and asks her, again, to move in with him and, again, she says no. She tells Vikram she's not going to work in the corner shop any longer and is embarrassed into buying drinks for the girls in the Rovers, but pretty soon her lies are going to catch up with her - just how long will she be able to stay one step ahead of those debt collectors?

Rebecca buys Martin one of those 'his and her's' mobile phone sets so they can speak to each other in private. Martin's pratting around the kitchen at home on the phone to her, going: "I'm in the kitchen, and I'm opening the fridge, oh look there's a yoghurt, I'm in the living room now" (feel free to throw up now if this is all too nauseous for you, I know it was for me) and just then Gail walks through the front door and Martin tells her the hospital bought the phones for all its staff. As Martin goes off on his residential training course somewhere, we see Rebecca walking around town talking to lover-boy on the mobile phone, and who should come out of the shop behind her but Gail, nice as nine-pence, inviting Rebecca for a coffee and a chat, telling her how much Martin appreciates her help at work during this difficult time with Sarah-Lou at home. And still, Rebecca thinks she's got the upper hand.. oh no, petal.. if he can lie that convincingly to his missus, he can lie that convincingly to you, believe me.

This week saw Linda taken off the machines at Underworld as Mike, impressed with her selling power puts her on a full time sales job. Fair praise indeed from Mike when he tells her: "You're the only woman I've ever met that's as tough as I am". So Linda 's joined the management, wearing her power suits instead of her overalls, but she's still snogging Mark at every opportunity and they nearly got caught out by Janice this week, who returned to the factory at lunchtime to pick up something she'd forgotten, just as Mark and Linda were getting to grips with each other's buttons and zips. New girl Bobbi (a dead ringer for ex-hairdresser Fiona) starts on the sewing machines in place of Linda and seems to be settling in okay, but does she have her sights set on Mark? Both Leanne and Linda are keeping a close eye on her.

Alison has a word with Sarah Lou about babies and being pregnant and all the messy gloop and agony that goes with it as they're both due to give birth at the same time, but Sarah Lou isn't keen to listen to what a grown up married woman can tell a 13 year old kid. The school play this year is 'Grease' and while Candice is all set to make a *wonderful* Rizzo, Sarah Lou gets lumped (ahem) behind the scenes, away from the pink ladies and the whole greased lightnin' Frankie Avalon type thing. Neil Fearns stops Sarah Lou to ask how she is in that eloquent way of all 13 year old boys: "Hiya. Sorry and all". She, quite rightly, tells him where to stick it. If only she'd done that before, she'd never have been in this mess. Anyway, there's a great scene (I love this storyline) where Sarah-Lou feels something move inside her stomach and Gail has to calm her down, telling her it's just her baby kicking. Candice, of course, wants a piece of the action and lays her head on her friend's stomach, rewarded with a kick in the ear. The two teenagers talk about names for the baby - you need to be careful with a surname like Platt. The two girls suggest Britney (spit) or Ronan? But I reckon they should call it Cow. Maybe that's why Gail didn't just call her daughter simply Sarah, the initials S. Platt would've induced more than a few chuckles at school.

Anyway, moving on. Debs goes out on a date with Duggie and it's back to his place, Ferguson Towers, for a late night brandy, a romantic coffee, and a look at ALL OF THOSE photos of his late wife, Laura, on the top of his sideboard. Duggie calls her a taxi ("you're a taxi") and off she goes into the night, disappointed at not being able to stay longer, whereas for Duggie, it's one step at a time.

Now, I like Sally (despite the haircut) and she's moved bland-but-I'm-willing-to-be-converted-into-a-Danny-fan Danny into her house and he's an immediate hit with the kids. Little Sophie pipes up "I wrote about him at school in my diary. That he's came to live with us". Ahhh.

Over at Frescho, Curly has an irate customer in the car park, Collette who reckons that someone's smashed into her car while she's been shopping. Curly's quick to point out the sign that says Freshco aren't liable for anything untoward in the car park, apart from Ken, but Collette isn't a happy camper, oh indeedy not, and threatens him with a report to his manager. Anyway, as if we didn't see this coming, Curly sets off on his night at the single club, and oh, dearie me, if he doesn't sit next to the irate Collette. She thaws a bit towards him, I mean, how could she not, he's such a lovely bloke, but there's no romance between them and she's happy to accept a lift home from Curly at the end of the night. As he drops her off and his car pulls away from her house, there's a shadowy figure watching every move. Next morning, Curly finds a note on his car windscreen which simply states: Leave Her Alone. Very odd. It might be a note on the car this week, but it'll be a horse's head in the bed next week, you just mark my words.

And now for the biggest storyline of the week. The Coronation Street policeman who gets rolled out for every crime in Greater Manchester, turns up at the Rovers, with that woman in tow, the one that walks 3 steps behind him and never says a word. She could be a WPC, who knows, but I think she's credited as: Quiet Woman in Beige. Anyway, he's got a gold ring and asks Natalie if she can identify it, it was taken from the corpse found under Victoria Street. Natalie knows the ring, it belonged to her son Tony, and we later find out that the dead body is indeed Tony - murdered by the impact of a blunt instrument to the back of the head. Natalie's blaming herself for Tony's death, she's in bits, into the brandy and into a depression and nothing anyone can say can make her feel any different. The police of course want to talk to Natalie, to find out if she knows who the murderer might be but she's too upset to even think straight, never mind answer police questions.

Over at the hair salon, there's something pink and fluffy running around. But enough about Maxine, the salon's got a mouse and Maxine's all of a panic. Audrey's worried about profits and Debs is the only level headed one. A strange scene, in which it transpires that Maxine has a cat, Bella. Since when? Anyway, Bella isn't going to get rid of the mouse, Pat the builder is and charges Audrey a fiver if he catches it. He leaves the trap and the bait and some well chosen (and very true, I know!) words: "You never have just one mouse.."
And that's just about that for this week.

Glenda ;-)

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