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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Mar 14 2000

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Audrey's having a bad week. First she has to tell Alma the news that Bob has been arrested and charged with defrauding the council. Then, Gail and Martin call her round to tell her the news about Sarah Lou being pregnant, news to which Audrey reacts with: "I could slap yer! Yer silly little girl, what have you done? You're the town tart, sleeping with everyone!". She regrets it all, of course and Alma is sympathetic when Audrey tells her she's ashamed of how she reacted at being told she's going to be a glamourous great-granny. "You'll be a matriarch" she tells Audrey. An interfering, nasty, gossiping old matriarch who nevertheless goes round to the Platts to apologise. All is not well for Sarah Lou either in our storyline of the week. Just as Gail finalises plans to whisk everyone off to Canada leaving Martin to, er, liase with Rebecca in the absence of his family, little David comes home from school with a bloody nose after he gets beaten up defending his sister's name. The secret's out, Candice has blabbed. Gail and Martin drag Sarah Lou off to the school and talk to the headteacher who is quite positive about everything and sure that Sarah Lou can continue her education at school in a supportive environment, forgetting of course just how cruel kids can be. "Is it mummy's girl, or just mummy?" one of them shouts to Sarah Lou as Gail and Martin parade her down the school corridor and out of the headmistress's office.

Roy wonders what's going on between Hayley and Stuart the builder. Hayley's doing some naïve and innocent flirting, enjoying the attention until Les Battersby blabs to Stuart about Hayley's past. There's fisticuffs over the frying pan in the café when Stuart, ego dented, has a go at Roy, who is saved from having to fight back by Jim's timely intervention.

Fred and Ashley have a chat about family history in light of Ken's revealations over the Cartwright murders. Fred tells Curly, who tells Ken that Frescho refuse to sponsor his book now that he's dug up dirt on the store's master butcher. Ken is livid, and of course blames Blanche for opening her big mouth in the first place. There's a great scene when Ken storms back home to confront Blanche who's standing there with Deirdre, the pair of them astonished to hear Ken (finally) lose his temper with Blanche. "You daft old..." (he shouts, with a perfect pause on his part and a sharp intake of breath on Blanche and Deirdre's part) ..."goat!". Fred, meanwhile, is quite enjoying the notoreity of being the grandson of a murderer as it looks like it's making an impact on his sales of best steak and cylindrical specialialities as the women who shop come in for some over the counter gossip.

Vinny disappeared this week - not into Natalie's cleavage, as we all would have feared and Vinny no doubt, would have wished. No, he falls down a hole while working on the Victoria Street development, and lands on top of a dead body. Odd storyline, but there you go. Who is the corpse? Something to do with the Cartwright murders? Too obvious. Maybe it's Blanche after Ken got really annoyed with her. Too naff. Maybe it's a Street male who we all thought had left the show 12 months ago, but instead was murdered and thrown into a hole? Too right, chuck. (No, it's not Tom - Granada would never have given him such an interesting storyline).

Sally gets her hair cut after moaning about being too cold out on the market all week long to deadly dull Danny (he is now beyond bland in my book). She can't understand his unwillingness to get one of the new units on the Victoria Street development as he questions the validity of them both selling their very different wares, knickers and china, together in the same shop. I reckon pants and pots would work, don't you?
Linda wants to get back to doing more sales work at Underworld but Mike won't let her. He does, however, agree to a date for the wedding in September and gets her all distracted from sales talk into organising the wedding instead. Bless him, isn't he sweet?

And that's just about that for this week. But where's the lovely Spider been these last few weeks?
Glenda ;-)

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